SoylentScene wiki now a Torrent search?


Followed this URL and was greeted with a Torrent search? Can safely say it’s not what I was looking for.


I’d say that site wasn’t set up in a very secure way! :smiley:


Yeah noticed that when I checked on the soylog app. Seemed they got hacked (bitcoin donation seems fishy)… or had a drastic change of heart haha


There’s nothing fishy in accepting donations, is there? :slight_smile:


Bitcoin just happens to be the best way to get money without leaving a trail :wink:


A website being hacked is fishy either way.
I’m not too worried about the bitcoins though, plenty of legitimate businesses accept them now.

It’s true that there is no paper trail with them, but for me the bigger advantage is: No paper to begin with. Bitcoins are VERY straightforward.
And they heat my house. Well, the video card I mine them on does. :smiley: