I was wondering how many of us have shared info or a taste of Soylent with other people.
For some reason, I can’t help but jump at a chance to tell my friends about it.
When I showed the official ad, I realized it hit a note with my sister in law who works as a college professor, and that it appeals largely to those in the education system. She’s going to be giving it a whirl, so I’m really excited for her.
My brother on the other hand, sees it as ominously futuristic. “SciFi-esque”, “Mirror’s Edge”, and “Veridian Dynamics” were some terms that were thrown around, and I agree. It does give that vibe.
That being said, I, for one welcome our new food engineering overlords.


I posted a similar thread a while ago after I was saddened by the responses I was getting from my peers. Most were immediately negative, the other mostly jokes about soylent green, and then some skeptics who were still supportive in my endeavors. I think I’ve gotten one curious, positive response.

Most of the people who shut it down, though, haven’t read into the background of what it actually is and just assume it’s another fad drink or get fit fast scheme. It’s very tiring to try to explain it to them.

I, too, welcome this new way to eat because I believe it has great potential to help the world.


We’ve shared it with something like 6 or 7 people now and every one of them has given it a unanimous thumbs up. Some knew about it a bit beforehand (basically got a small pitch from us first) and some had absolutely no knowledge other than it’s “nutritionally balanced and very tasty”. Haven’t had anyone who had any extreme opposition to it or anything, though one friend of mine (a quite-overweight self-described lover of food who quite frankly needs something like Soylent very badly if he’s going to live to see 50) thought it sounded pretty crazy and basically just said “well good luck with that”.

I still think that in a year when so many people will have lost/gained weight (depending on their personal goals), built muscle, felt better and are measurably healthier than they’ve ever been… all skepticism and nay-saying is going to have no choice but to vaporize.


I got a ton of negativity too. I was surprised at how much it hurt to get that from them and vowed not to bring anything up until I had a product ready to give them to try… You can’t reject something before you’ve tried it!
I’m a one monther and have read that they’re working on those but haven’t heard a thing regarding a shipment to me. So I’m like this

Soooo close to talking, so close. C’mon c’mon c’mon…


I work in a building with about 1000 nerds. Ill be bringing in a pitcher of it for people to sample during lunch. We’ll see how it goes…


I believe it’s safe to say we’re saving Rosa Labs some marketing money.
I wonder if they’d be interested in giving away free weeks to some people to just promote the product and offer taste samples, their reward being Soylent.
Just throwing it out there, but I’d love to do that myself.
@j8048188 With easy access to 1000 Nerds, you’d be a great candidate. Say a 20% retention rate after people trial Soylent… that would be 200 customers which would translate to $17,000 for Rosa Labs.


It is encouraging to hear that the people around you find Soylent to be palatable. For most, this will be the primary variable in their first response and it will go a long way toward making Soylent normalized.

It seems they have a production shortage currently. This could just be artificial supply on part of Rosa Labs. Our hope it seems is that after production delivers to the people who have monthly subscriptions already ordered we will see trial packs being dispatched. 


I strongly doubt Rosa is creating an artificial shortage… that would be like saying “nah, we don’t like money.” And given that they’re VC backed now… I don’t see that flying.

Yeah everyone who has tried it has had no issue with it whatsoever. Various reactions of course… some thought it was absolutely delicious, some thought it was “not bad” or “tastes like a Boost…”, another thought it was chocolate. Seems everyone finds that it tastes like whatever they can most closely associate it with. But yeah, I think anyone who tries it without any preconceived bias that it’s going to taste gross or whatever, is likely to enjoy it (assuming it’s properly prepared of course!)


I shared some today. My coworkers described it as tasting like cookie dough.


Yep, I’m sharing, and getting positive reactions so far. Going through the supply pretty quick right now, but that will slow down once we’ve made it to everyone.

Some positive reactions from people who have known it was coming and who needed a little prodding to get them to try, they were expecting it to be gross and we’re pleasantly surprised. Got a few more of those to bring around into trying still. All the ladies at the office are scared of it, since I’m hardly ever there they’re taking a while.


I have just started expressing my intentions of trying it to my facebook friends… so far, not much support. It drew out a friend I only knew through acquaintances and now we’re planning a tasting party. I am pretty disappointed at the outright harshness from some friends who just aren’t listening to me before judging. I’m getting a lot of the “but it’s so easy to just eat healthy.”


Are they programmers? If not, try the explanation that @Lee_Ars used in his article, about “Why don’t you just compile your apps from source? It’s so easy…” If they are programmers, then maybe come up with something else that you know would seem nearly impossible to them, but is “easy” to other people… you can probably think of something on par.


I gave 14 days worth to my dad (who is thriving on it), shipped out one day each to three people for the cost of shipping: one I met on Google+, one from this forum, and one is a guy in Canada who wrote an article about Soylent without having tried it yet. I’ve also given several bags to co-workers, most of whom are excited to try it (I work for the internet :-P). I have three more co-workers that’ll be getting their bags tomorrow. I’ve even got my grandmother interested in it, but she wants to take the nutrition label to her doctor first to see if it’s safe to take with the medications she’s on.

And… Now I’m running low. I’m only really having it for breakfast so far, so I think I’ll be okay until my next order arrives.


That’s unfortunate. If they will not listen to reason then reason will leave them to speak.


I think this relates to the issue of reporters trying it for a week or so and writing negative articles about it. Soylent seems to be a product that attracts certain people, and those people love it for various reasons.

Forcing people (like reporters) to use it almost guarantees a negative response. You have to want it to like it.


I don’t think that’s strictly true. We’ve had a bunch of people try it who didn’t ask for it, were never told about it in advance, etc. They tried it and all liked it to varying degrees, some very much so. I think it’s more that you have to not want to hate it, to like it.


Fair point, that makes sense to me.


Another success story:


I find it hilarious that on that page, the most up-voted comment is “Soylent green is people!” (facepalm)