Space Nutrients 100% Food: An Honest Review


You’re welcome, @Spaceman - I hope you feel I was being fair with everything. My goal was not to sell or slander your product, just to be as honest as I could with both you and everyone else :smile:

I’m glad to know it’s the same bottle the naked juice uses - I think theirs are BPA free, but I’ll double check. It doesn’t worry me too much directly - BPA so far has only shown to be harmful in young children, I just try to avoid buying products with BPA so that it will start showing up in less products overall. It definitely makes me feel better that you cleared that up for me, thank you!

As for the calories - I’m actually glad that your current fomula is only 1950 calories, as I said I want to lose some weight, so it’s good that I’m eating less, I might even order some of the “Woman” fomula to help me lower my calorie count even more so that I can more aggressively lose weight, so I’m not saying the current calorie level is negative, just that it’s something for people to be aware of - and official Soylent is also only about 2k calories as well, so I think you’re in the right spot on this.

And while you may not see yourselves as a competitor for Soylent, I think you have definitely shown that there is a big market here with a lot of room for exploration, so even if you aren’t trying to compete, I think it’s great that you’re giving people choice and variety - I hope that one day there will be a section in the supermarket with all sorts of powdered foods so that everyone can pick their favorite!


It probably could, Spaceman seems very responsive and flexible, any future orders I place I might also request be bagged instead of bottled. Ultimately this is a personal preference, and overall I think the bottles are fine, as long as people rinse and recycle them in the end. I do think that if someone was going to eat 100% Food every day they should get it bagged and use a reusable container, but for occasional use the bottles do have some advantages.

I’m thinking that even after I get my official Soylent I’ll probably keep a few bottles of 100% Food around the house, for days when I forget to mix my Soylent the night before, or in my desk at work for nights when I have to work late (better than fast food or pizza, right?)


Last addendum, I promise, but I wanted to throw this in, as thinking about adding fruits made me realize something: this stuff could easily make for a proper meal in the sense that you could mix it up, let it sit for an hour or two, then pour it into a bowl and eat. After soaking a while it definitely was thick enough to easily spoon, and I’m sure lowering the water level would further enhance this.

The reason I bring this up is because the current recipe winds up so thick that it almost seems like attempting to “drink” it is slightly backwards. Good for convenience, but the speed of drinking all those seeds is where the scratchy-ness comes from. However if I’d mixed this up and then dumped it into a bowl and ate with a spoon I would have had a nutritionally complete bowl of oatmeal-alike, and the spoon experience would work a lot better with the urge to chew the seeds. It’s pre-measured and easy to mix, all you need to do is add a bowl and spoon to go from “drink” to “porridge” - so this might even make a solid alternative to Soylent for people who actually prefer to eat in the “classic” method.

I can definitely see myself ordering a large bag of this to scoop into a bowl, water, heat, and toss in some fruits…so that’s an important point I feel worth mentioning: this might not be exactly like Soylent 1.0, but it might also more easily fit into other spaces that Soylent can’t :smile:


Also, I realize that I never mentioned how I felt after consuming, which some people might want to know - the short answer is I felt normal. I have so far not had any side effects and I felt no different than any other day. I do feel a bit better than after my usual breakfasts and lunches, though it’s hard to say if that was the 100% Food, or the fact that my usual diet is complete crap, but it’s worth noting that I also don’t feel bad either. 100% Food is, quite frankly, just that - it’s food, and I feel like I’ve eaten a normal meal, so I don’t think anyone needs to worry about 100% not actually being a good source of nutrition. While again I’m not sure whether or not you can live on it 24/7, I have little doubt that someone eating this for 1-2 meals a day will remain as healthy as they are now, or may even see improvement (again, depending on how poor your current diet is).

Ok, really, I’m done now. I swear. Mostly.


@illuminerdi - if you will like chocolate, you may try 100%FOOD Double Protein Chocolate. It’s now available for purchase in weekly and monthly sets.


Just popping in here for anyone that’s still interested in my thoughts on @Spaceman 's chocolate variety.

100% Food (Chocolate): Quite tasty, moreso than the other two. For some reason this one definitely went down smoother with less throat-scratch, though there was still some present - it was by no means as creamy smooth as the reports about official Soylent have been, and afterwards I did still feel like I needed a glass of water. Whether or not this is attributable to the fact that I used more water during my initial mix today or because I let it sit longer (about 15 minutes) before consumption, or because of the chocolate, I’m not sure.

I think the chocolate did help the overall texture, though. The flavor was pleasant - a bit less oatey, with a mild chocolate that was not sweet/sugary/syrupy. I enjoyed it, and would gladly eat it again, but I can see the more pronounced flavor of the Chocolate as getting old were I to consume it too often; but I definitely will include at lest some chocolate in any future orders of Space Nutrients that I purchase. Otherwise it was quite similar in every other respect to the other two flavors which should come as no surprise given that they share mostly the same ingredients aside from the chocolate.

Overall I’d say that my favorite was mostly a tie between the non-organic 100% Food and the Chocolate. I think the plain 100% Food is the best candidate for something to eat on a daily basis - it was mild enough to not get old quickly, but just vanilla/banana/sweet enough to have a pleasant taste that satisfied the “hedonic” aspect of the eating process.

So that’s it - all my thoughts on 100% Food (that name still makes me laugh, in a good way - it’s just ironic enough while still gamely poking fun at the concept of a “complete meal” in a bottle).

I’ll start a new thread and bore you all with the details if and when I buy a pack of @axcho 's recipes :wink:


Also, the obligatory butt report:

My bowel movements have been normal. To be fair I have not consumed 100% Food regularly for days on end, or for long periods of time, so it’s hardly in a position to have a pronounced effect in that department, but rest assured that occasional use of 100% Food will probably not see a drastic change in your…bathroom experience (assuming your current experience is in the “normal” range)

On the positive side, I have been less gassy than usual - I tend to be a bit on the gassy side most days, for whatever reason, and these past 2 days I have had reduced/little gas. I can’t attest whether or not long term or 24x7 usage will result in the dreaded mustard gas, but on days where I consumed 2 and 1 bottles of 100% Food I had little gas, which I think was a good sign.


Thanks @illuminerdi for Chocolate review.

The mentioned effect of gas reducing - it’s a part of our formula.
When we picked a source for the carbs we experimented with a plenty flours to remove Soylent gassy side effect. And now you can see (smell?) the effect. No gas. Fresh air. 100%FOOD.


I had a set of Yokohama Avid TRZs, AA traction and A heat rating. Got those suckers up to 115 MPH and they gripped the road like I grip my plate at an all-I-can-eat buffet. Worked great until I wore them down to nubs without paying attention and hydroplaned in a bad rainstorm on the highway.


Haha. I was half way kidding and you delivered anyway.




For texture reasons, 100% Food was just was not for me. I only got through one bottle. Normally, I can handle all sorts of weird textures, but there was something about this one that I could not handle. This is the first time that something like this has stopped me from trying any sort of concoction. I am usually quite adventurous with shakes, powders, and such.

I did try letting it sit in the fridge for a while. Ultimately, I think all the seeds floating around the top made for a lot of chewing. I’ve chewed other types of mixes, but for some reason this texture just really bothered me. Spaceman was extremely accommodating though and let me return all the product for a refund (once he gets it). THANKS, DUDE! After paying to ship it back, I realized it was an expensive lesson. I shouldn’t have bought 2 weeks of something I wasn’t sure I would like. It’s just not for me, but it sounds like others are liking it.


I solved the texture problem by putting it, a tray of ice cubes, and water into a Vitamix blender and just blending the hell out of it. Still didn’t like the flavor, which, even in the chocolate, was weedy to me. A drop of LorAnn Flavor Fountain peppermint and a drop of chocolate mint (two drops were too many) made the taste tolerable; I added a small frozen banana the next time and couldn’t tell the difference (but my spouse definitely could and liked it).

Even with the seeds blended to hell and gone, and with added flavoring (the mint notes I think helped muffle the odd plant taste), spouse liked it better than I did. Then I diluted it 50/50 with more water. That was actually pretty easy to drink. I still prefer Soylent–but I think it’s good to have other options.

Without all that fooferah I also found the texture nearly impossible to get down. Powerful blenders are your friend. (Kinda moots the one-serving/one-bottle thing, but hey.)


Yeah - a trip through the blender would probably improve it. I also had the thought that if there were some way to grind/powder it that would probably help a ton, since a blender will have trouble with such small bits like seeds. Unfortunately short of a mortar and pestle I can’t think of any (small/household) device that would smooth the texture, and that’s a lot of work.

Maybe the rise of the powdered food movement will see someone invent an electric mortar and pestle…


Yeah I can definitely see it not working for people, and I myself would prefer a smoother/seedless experience - I’m still anxious to try my official Soylent when it arrives, but I do feel slightly more positive about the ingredients of 100% Food, so it’s a mixed bag overall. Still, I think the important thing that is that more variety means everyone can find what works best for them.


I, for one, would pay for an electric mortar and pestle. I just purchased one of those tornado, self-mixing bottles. Overall, a big, powerful blender is not a solution for me. I literally travel across America every other week. So the idea was to have something healthy and quick to drink while traveling. Oh well. Back to finishing off my old Shakeology stuff leftover from months ago. This tornado bottle thing is the first time I’ve tried something battery-operated. I always used a blender bottle before that.

I would definitely give 100% Food another try if the texture issue could be easily fixed without a blender. At least no floating seeds. It seemed as soon as I shook it in a Blender Bottle (within seconds), everything separated and stuff settled on the bottom and seeds floated at the top.


@Michelle - just received your boxes and refunded (- 2 bottles you consumed).

Not to make mistakes with shipments in future - I offer samples - $3 just to try a taste, $10 to try a meal and $20 to try one day on 100%FOOD. After that you make your wise decision go or not go further (most go :slight_smile:

We also accept custom blending orders based on our Organic formula and according to the most popular inquiries made 21 Flavor Set.


A Vitamix can handle the little seeds without breaking a sweat. Of course, a Vitamix costs like a Vitamix. Someone with a more reasonably priced blender should see how it works for them.


@Spaceman I would consider using something other than TNT for shipping, the complaints are off the charts. I will tell you when I get it, but I will pay extra for easy going.


@Brianrk - TNT tracking sucks, but TNT delivery works.
Anyway it’s up to you :slight_smile:

For others some hypnotic video about delivery:


Low Sodium in 100%FOOD corrected!

Since we got some feedback on the low sodium content (and mild headaches it may cause) - this week we were busy with polishing our formulas. Look at result: