Specific order in adding ingrediants to create the recipes?


hi, i am brand new to this product, and i am reading recipes, but i am not sure what order to add the ingredients, or does that not matter?


It generally does not matter, as long as you’re talking about dry ingredients. It’s more about what is convenient to you. Of course, you will mix all the dry ingredients before adding any oil or water.


Are you talking about powders for a DIY recipe? It doesn’t matter what order you add the powders in, as you’re going to need to mix it until it’s pretty evenly blended. The dry powder is typically mixed in advance (I do enough for about two weeks; it’s more efficient than doing it a day at a time). Oil is typically not mixed into the powder, although I’ve heard some people doing this – it’s probably not good for the shelf life. When the time comes to prep a meal, most people use a blender bottle. I add water first (to keep the powder from sticking to the bottom), then oil, then powder, then more water. to the top of the bottle and shake. You can mix meals at consumption time or in advance – opinions vary about which is better. If you don’t consume it immediately, it’ll settle and you’ll need to re-shake before consumption.


I generally do this:

All powders get premixed into a 1.8 litre sealable container. They will probably take up a third to a half of the container .

Top up with water, seal and shake until there is no dry powder clinging to the sides

You will now have approximately 2/3rds of a container of sludge. Add your oils to this and shake like crazy. Then top up with water and shake a little more.

Its good to add the oils at the stage I suggest so you are not giving the dry powder a chance to clump up with the oils. And disregard any misguided suggestions you might read on this site to store oil premixed with powder. If you have a blender, fine go ahead and do that, but you are just creating work for yourself if you are manually blending.


do you have any specific recipes to make it have a little spice or heat to it?


No I don’t, but I suppose chili oil or Tabasco would turn any diy mix into a brew fit for a dragon.


Cayenne pepper and cinnamon are nice.