Speed of Consumption?


Ive been splitting my consumption into roughly 4 500 calorie “meals”. And because I prefer to just get it out of the way, i usually down them in about 30 seconds and about 3 hours apart. Aside from semi-frequent and foul gas, bowel movements and energy don’t seem to be noticeably affected by this method of consumption.

Is there any danger to consuming Soylent at this rate?
Any long term affects that I may not immediately notice?
Would a slower rate of consumption help with the gas at all?

EDIT: I use 8 scoops of water if that is relevant. And i always drink some water afterwards.


Disclaimer: I’m not on Soylent 100%- I’ll have 2-3 Soylent meals and 1 light-moderate dinner.
With that said, I also do the 4x500 kCal meals. I do the standard mix, with powder and water filling the pitcher.
I don’t chug it as fast as you, I sip it in 3-10 minutes, depending on the day.
To answer your questions:

  • If you can handle it, I see no danger.
  • I don’t know about any long-term effects.
  • Some people have found that a slower rate of consumption (either like me, or sipping throughout the day) can help reduce gas.


I’ve chugged my official soylent so far and have had no problems