Spirulina added in the recipe


I had the idea many years ago to produce some cookies called Soleil Vert, based on Spirulina. You should consider this incredible food in the récipé.


I’ve been using it. The taste is unusual but I do like it. I find it suits saltiness. It also has a massive effect on the colour it’s mixed into - it is a very potent dark green! Nutritional info. While gram-per-gram it is an excellent source of many things (including protein!) I found that it’s not very useful for me, since I can’t tolerate particularly much of it in my soylent. I settled 10 grams per day. Add to this the fact that its also really expensive per gram (best price I found was 1kg for £19.49) and it’s not something I could see myself using as a major part of my diet.

Despite the above criticisms, I do plan to continue to use it at the 5-10g/day level, for reasons outlined here.

I should add that it is apparently very easy to grow one’s own Spirulina in a tank at home, and that allegedly it is better fresh. I was tempted, but it kind of goes against the whole “soylent saves you time and effort” thing.


What kind of intolerance? Taste, GI effects, mutations?


Sorry yes, taste. Today I actually mixed up a batch with extra Spirulina since you mentioned it. I’m afraid I didn’t measure but it’s a solid sludge green, with some cocoa also darkening it from its natural beige. That’s a bit too much for my taste, but still drinkable.


I bet you can cut the cost with this.
enter link description here


That looks like it wouldn’t be hard to make, it’s just an aquarium and a couple of air pumps. You could probably even get away with one, and just switch it when you need it. And a sock. :stuck_out_tongue:

The food itself looks horrible, though.


They have a special gathering device too. Doesnt look any worse than guacamole. lol


The ‘special gathering device’ is a sock. :stuck_out_tongue: (Or a cloth straining bag, but ‘sock’ is funnier. :smiley: ) It seems to be a 10 gallon aquarium, some air distribution at the bottom and a tube with a few holes in it that air bubbles in to to push the water up , carrying the algae with it. You could do the same thing (Less conveniently, of course) with a few pieces of cheesecloth and a ladle.

Not that I’m knocking them for it; many people would prefer to buy a ready to go system (just add ten gallons of spring water and boom). I meant mainly in the DIY nature of this forum and most of its posts, if someone wanted to try bashing one together, I was observing that it wouldn’t be difficult.


Seems they had a Kickstarter campaign going. It’s ended, but there’s more info on their Kickstarter page, including another video of the tank setup.