Split order up to avoid damaged bottles?

Currently I’m subscribed to 24 bottles/month but I’m thinking since I won’t be getting powder anymore that I should up this to 72 bottles/month.

I have my cats canned food sent to me in small orders staggered because when I made one large order the cans would always come damaged. I noticed that in my 24 pack order some of the bottles are slightly indented on the sides. Has anyone ordered a large amount and if so how many bottles were indented?

Also, I always figured the mailmen would appreciate not hauling a huge unwieldy box up 3 flights of stairs.

Curious, any mailmen on here? I’ll have 3 separate orders of 24 bottles a month sent to me staggered plus 2 similar sized/weight cat food boxes coming per month.

I ordered a single twelve pack to check it out and one of the bottles was dented… don’t think you’re going to avoid this.

Well, I’m still wondering if larger orders will have more bottles dented. If so, then it’d make sense to split up the order into smaller ones.

I don’t think large orders are causing dented bottles, since the boxes themselves are coming to people undamaged with dented bottles inside. I have seen similar dents in Milk2Go and yogurt drink bottles too and honestly I think it’s probably caused by pressure/temperature changes(air cargo) during shipping. The dents aren’t really and issue, though.

But for the sake of the mailmen, staggered orders would certainly be nice!

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Yeah we need adjustable timing on subs too. Say 28 days (default), 14 days, and 7. Separate from number of bags or bottles.

For example if I has large family all drinking Soylent (not really but for example…)
I would do 72 meals each 7 days for example.

Yeah, I think about 25% of my bottles have been dented, all around the bottom. I’m assuming it’s caused by physical contact and not a temperature/pressure change, since the base is the widest part of the bottle. If that’s the case they would probably need to either redesign the bottles or add some type of dampening material.

As long as they are all intact and drinkable when they reach me, I don’t care about a cosmetic dent.

Edit: Only single boxes ordered so far.

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I had a large order and have noticed a few dented ones. I don’t really care though, it all tastes the same.

I expect is happening during manufacturing/packing, in which case the size of the order won’t matter. The way mine was dented (small dent, bottom edge) seemed like it would have come from something like one of the chutes on the line as the bottles are forced into a narrower passage.

I ordered a 12 pack and my bottles were like that. I figure being close to sea level it causes the contents to compress more thus the dent. I remember taking a bunch of chip bags to higher altitudes and being surprised how much like balloons they became in the lower pressure. You wouldn’t expect that much of a difference but altitude really does affect pressure significantly. I guess that’s why there is high altitude instructions for baking and the such.

Of course it really depends on what people mean when they say the bottles are dented. My bottles just looked extra compressed. If the bottles appear to be mechanically dented that’s different. I haven’t seen any pictures of what people mean when they say dented though.

I think that ‘maybe’ we should be concerned about denting. Denting affects the structural integrity of the plastic and this could furthur increase the leaching of chemicals from the plastic into the contents. Now i dont have a study for this, its more of an educated guess. I get drinking water bottles delivered to my house, and some of them come dented and i have noticed that when drinking from those i felt more ‘restless’ than when drinking from the ones that have their integrity intact. It could be said that it might be caused by other factors too, but it used to happen exactly at the time i drink from the dented ones, and go away while on other bottles.

Weird but it really happened to me :smiley:

I’m not sure. It sounds like it could of happened in transit. I’ll talk to our operations team.



First World Problems.


i hypothesize that this will go to the bottom of the open issues list.

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Example of what I’m talking about:

I can’t remember if the one on the left was normal or just less dented, so here is a normal bottle for comparison:

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Okay after seeing that photo I agree that it’s most likely mechanical damage from the factory. If it was denting caused by changes in air pressure I’d expect the dents to appear in a weaker, more flexible location on the bottle, such as along the curve near the top. That bottom edge should withstand pressure changes.


My dents…

(click, then click again to make bigger)

Note: I have noticed that if I squeeze the big part of the bottle (thereby increasing the internal pressure), the dent will usually pop out.

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I don’t have a picture but some of mine were dented on the sides (not the near bottom).

I really didn’t mean for this thread to become a thing lol :sweat_smile:. I was just wondering if larger orders means more dents (like when I order my cat’s canned foods).

In the case of cat’s canned food it definitely is caused by shipping because the delivery guys just “throw it around” since a large order is so heavy.

I’d imagine the same thing would happen to large orders of Soylent but was just looking for anecdotal evidence from anyone on this forum.