Sponsorship for college students biking across America for cancer

@Conor I don’t know if this is the right venue for this but I’m reaching out to Soylent for help to ask for potential donations for hungry college students cycling across America for cancer. Also would like the Soylent community’s support on this!

This summer I’m biking across America for 10 weeks, from Baltimore to San Francisco, as a part of 23 college students raising money & awareness for young adults with cancer. (The program is called 4K for Cancer, and we work with the Ulman Cancer Fund, a registered nonprofit in Baltimore.) We’re currently on our day 14 and reached Nashville today.

Our SF team raised about $130,000, but because we want all of that to go directly to helping patients, we’ve been sleeping on the floors of churches, YMCAs, etc. and living off of donated food. But because we’re cycling 60-110 miles each day and easily burning over 5000 calories each day, and food donations tend to be carbs (often pizza, stale bread, etc.) it’s really difficult to get protein or any balanced nutrition. Here’s where you guys are needed.

I’ve been an avid Soylent drinker for the last two years, for its convenience and health benefits. Our team could really benefit from getting some balanced calories donated, and everything you donate would be tax-deductible. We’d also be happy to cover our bikes with Soylent decal and give shoutout from our 4KforCancer social media accounts.

Could something like this be worked out? I’d be happy to provide further details!
You can find more information about our ride on my fundraiser page here: https://ulman.z2systems.com/jake-kim


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