Spreadsheet for review


This a a first cleaned up version of my spreadsheet for Soylent, with sources and prices. There is a separate sheet where I will be making macronutrient calculations, a sheet to set micronutrient levels and one to set phosphorus, sodium, potassium and chloride, which is tricky due to component element overlap. I have not started playing with fatty acid balances yet.

At this point, this is untested and unreviewed, DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS!


Do you really need the extra amino-acids? I’ve concluded that whey has all of them covered. If it doesn’t, something could be very wrong with it. Also look into whey isolate, they appear to get the job done with better results especially if you are active.
I suggest you double check the above on your own, and have some other opinions too. I’m also very new to this and there is a small but existant chance I miss something.

Here’s a link to my topic and spreadsheet, maybe you can find it helpful.


The amino acids are not extra, they are an alternate to whey.


What about their absorbability or evidence of effectiveness compared to whey?

And do you find them being cheaper than whey?


Basically, amino acids are what your digestive system makes with protein, so you are skipping a step by taking them in pure form. You should technically get a better yield also, considering the conversion of protein to amino acids in the digestive system is lossy, and a certain part is lost as peptides, which will not happen with the pure aminos. But this is all theoretical at this point.

Amino acids are 30% more expensive than the cheapest whey I could find, but they are way cheaper than high quality, organic grass fed whey protein. Considering cheap whey will most certainly come from industrial farming cows, loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones (there are not used in dairy farming in Canada, but the cheaper whey is almost certainly imported), and fed grain, which is highly inflamatory and toxic to all animals except a few birds and bugs. All of this toxicity is certain to be present to a certain extent in the 7-10% of non protein content of whey isolate. Many people report difficulty digesting whey, also.


I find this quite interesting, go for it if you want, but with extra care and get as much intel and professional opinions as this is a very new idea. :slight_smile: