Sprig Wants to Kill Fast Food


Maybe its just me but this guy seems a bit smug.


Awe, but I love my GMO laden crap, it’s made me much healthier over the last couple years.


From my cold dead hands.


His driving point was that fast food is crap and homecooked meals will solve obesity (implied at least) and make us healthier (explicity said). But that depends on what you order and how much. These categories of food are really not so much different. And if he’s making it cost competitive to fast food, plenty of people are just going to order 5 meals a day only now they don’t even have to walk 20 feet to their car and then 20 feet to the store (and back twice). Now its just 5 feet. Hell, some people will just put ‘bring it inside to me’ in the special instructions. I think its a bit of a non-sequiter for him to say using this service will somehow make you healthier.

Maybe the same could be said for Soylent but from what I’ve seen, this ‘balance’ focused diet has really catalyzed a lot of people to lose weight, be more active, cut down on XYZ and generally lead healthier lives.