Squircle bottle

@Conor 2 shipment the past month and still no squircle bottle. assume my local warehouse(based in ROMEOVILLE, IL?) is working though backstock?

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Ooooh, “squircle” is soooo much better than “squround”. Hope it catches on!

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Wikipedia has a squircle entry but nothing for sqround :slight_smile:

Agree it is much easier to say too.

Squircle is obviously better. Only downside is the extra syllable. Probably why Soylent is trying to push Sqround, obsessed with efficiency but blind to beauty.


We have a couple of months to go before everything is Sqround.

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Sounds like all of my girlfriends, thank goodness.

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My family hates the new bottles. The leftover ring around the neck of the bottle after removing the lid has very sharp edges that cut your lips when you try to drink directly out of the bottle.

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Anyone know why the new squircle-shaped cacao tastes different than before?

Cognitive bias :wink:

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Nope. Do a blind taste test of the two versions. It’s totally obvious if you compare.

Compare at room temperature to more easily discern the difference.

I’ve done the test with multiple people. There’s no question it’s different. The question is whether it is an intentional difference, or an accidental one due to poor quality control or perhaps a taste imparted by the plastic.

The info on the new bottles is:
May 29 18 20:05