Sriracha Hot Sauce

Just letting you guys know…

Don’t use Sriracha sauce in your Soylent. I knew it was pretty insane but why not just once?

Well I vomited out half of it out. lol

Surprising, the remaining Soylent 1.2 kept me “fueled” till work lunch time. Nice.


But…but, I thought Siracha made everything better?


WARNING: high hipster content


Yeah, because only “hipsters” enjoy spicy food…amirite?


How much Sriacha did you add?

No, I like sriracha too, but for some reason in recent years it’s become the “in” thing. I don’t know what the deal is with that, but it’s weird.

Not a hipster either. I love hot sauces. I have this special 500,000 SU hot sauce I can’t wait to try out!

@horsfield I would say 2 spoonful? Small amount for me. I typically add 4.

It’s delicious and ubiquitous and makes everything better from junk food to ‘clean’ cuisine. Hardly hipster

PBR becoming inexplicably popular amongst people who can afford something better? THAT’S hipster.

EDIT: @rolf try it again but this time add PB2 and blend first for a peanut butter sriracha flavor. I haven’t tried this, but peanut butter and sriracha does wonders for oatmeal :smile

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Try habanero’s … much less kick!

Yes yes I’m kidding. Do not try habanero’s…Damn sad day in texas where I need to qualify every statement, lest I be sued…Although Sue is quite breathtaking…


Muggle habanero is weak compared to 500k SU not sauce I have. Thise is around 5k to 8k SU if I recall.

nwoll27 thanks for tip but I can’t taste pb2 at all and well not willing to vomit again. :slight_smile: My body does nasty things when I do, worse than average person.

I wonder if you just used too much - I tried this today (before seeing this thread) and it barely took any to give it a decent kick. I haven’t had any problems so far…

Thats my personal life philosophy :smiley:

I usually use quite a bit more for regular meals but I suspect it’s simply how my body interprets soylent and hot sauce than anything else.

Well if your looking for odd things to use with it, I put Sriracha in cottage cheese!

I did try a bit of it in a small sampling of Soylent, and I agree with you, after having Soylent for so long as a sweet, neutral, or coffee flavored things the drastic taste shift mentally does not compute.

I usually add lot chocolate powder to day package. Tastes good. :smile:

To me, raw soylent (unflavored) is undrinkable due to strange taste, but then I don’t taste same way as most people.

People liking things which are good? INSANITY! :open_mouth:

Cayenne goes great with chocolate (I love cayenne in hot chocolate in the winter). You might want to give that a try… Just a bit though. It doesn’t take much.

Thanks for tip. 20char