St. Patrick's Day


It’s that time of year. Are you ready? Is anyone making Soylent Green for the occasion? If so, POST PICS!

No Soylent Green for me this year. But for the more important things, my body is ready:



Worst “holiday”

Except maybe Columbus Day


I’m an Italian that likes Guinness beer. Top of the muffin to you!!!


No way, man - because it involves drinking alcohol! :heart:


You can get trashed and make out with a pillow any day. Don’t bow to what society deems acceptable.


Larry, you could say that about any holiday. You can give people presents and play Christmas music any day, or get dressed up in scary costumes with your friends any day, eat turkey and stuffing any day, etc.

Don’t be a downer.

And hey, I’ll bow to society’s norms whenever I feel like it, whether you like it or not :stuck_out_tongue: I happen to enjoy feeling like part of a group.


Christmas and Halloween are very specific things, though, and thanksgiving at least has some sort of deeper meaning, if you ascribe to that and don’t hate your family.

St. Patrick’s day is just a dumb excuse for people to get blitzed. There’s nothing to it, really. It’s about as meaningless as Valentines Day.


I do that every day. It’s nice when there’s a special day where I’m not ostracized quite as much for it.

Also, why so serious. haha

PS: My pillow has a permanent drool stain on it. :beer:


I do that every day, also. Except New Year’s Eve. I consider that amateur night, and stay clear of them.


I saw this recently:

Irish text message:
Mary, I’m just going to have one more pint with the boys then I’ll be home.
If I’m not home in 20min. re-read this text message.

St Patrick’s day is mostly about having parades.

(and I’m not making any green Soylent).


Oh man, I hope tordenskjold isn’t infecting you with his inability to detect facetiousness


Fun fact, when experimenting with all different types of recipes. I came up with the brilliant idea of mixing Soylent and Guinness, avoid at all costs! :astonished:


That translates poorly to the internet.

(I’m being facetious - it’s a perfect excuse)

((^ flippant))


Green DIY soylent! I was planning on doing this before I saw this post, but since its here I might as well share. :smiley:


looks like you passed around a vomit-pitcher on st patrick’s night. Everyone’s making a donation!


Soylent green you say? Nobody would want green colored soylent.

On a related note, coming soon, green colored soylent:


I thought the whole “tonguing a pillow” bit made it obvious vOv


Not to be that Irish guy, but we call it St. Paddy’s day :stuck_out_tongue:


Actual Irish people do not. And in fact hate that.


I’m actually Irish, but to each his own :wink: