Stale bags in large 1.6 shipment?

Does soylent go stale? I’ve ordered a large batch back in late July and I’ve been loving it. I’ve been a fan of the idea long before I actually got to try some and soylent’s flavour and nutritional effects have lived up to expectations.

Recently, I opened a new bag of 1.6 powder and found it odd that there was no sweet soylent smell. I mixed it, noticing that before the blending process the powder sort of flaked in the water in a way I had not noticed before. Finally, when I added too much water (I’ve been having some hydration trouble) there was no flavour at all. The next batch I mixed with less water, expecting the sweet and distinct ‘cookie dough’ flavour. It tasted more like soylent but distinctly different, less pleasant in both flavour and texture. For a while I thought I was only imagining it. Eating this bag hasn’t made me sick, but it doesn’t sit easy in the stomach and I have these slight pangs of pain or internal discomfort when eating it on an empty stomach. When left in the fridge overnight it quickly went sour. Unrefrigerated, a meal of it went sour in about 8 hours as opposed to the usual 24. I opened a second bag (I’m on my second of two boxes) and found the same result. I’m concerned that the rest of my supply is in a similar condition.

It’s distinctly not rancid, but something is definitely wrong. Has anyone experienced similar problems?

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There are slight variations in bags that I’ve had going back to v1.1. I recall v1.5 having all kinds of variations to the point of me never really knowing what was actually intended; I kind of recall a thread about 1.5’s variations.

My 1.6 would vary noticeably even in the same box. I only ever had two boxes before giving it up because I didn’t like it and it made me nauseated though.

I’m not sure if it goes stale but it’s worth reporting to with the batch number(s) and let them know about the stomach discomfort. They’ll very likely send you some more boxes or offer a refund.


All plant based food will have variation, even ones grown from the same branch of the same tree. And since soylent is so mild, any variations are much more noticeable.

Your own perception of taste can also vary. The first bite of cake can taste very different from the 40th bite.

Though it’s also not impossible for problems to happen. Email if you’re looking for a replacement, they’re pretty good about it.


Thank you for the reply.

I didn’t know about the variation between bags. I seem to recall the flavour of my very first batch being less than stellar but I chalked that up to using too much water. Whenever I visit reddit I seem to find a lot of people sticking to 1.4 and 1.5 or 2.0. Are there any particular advantages over 1.6 or is it just preference?

There’s a significant ingredient change actually:

[quote=“Alex_K, post:4, topic:26312”]
Whenever I visit reddit I seem to find a lot of people sticking to 1.4 and 1.5 or 2.0. Are there any particular advantages over 1.6 or is it just preference?
[/quote]Mostly taste preference, and a few digest it better.

On average, newer versions please more people, but you can’t please everyone.


Rosa Labs tries to improve with every version of Soylent, for example, 1.6 is supposed to have a lower glycemic index and therefore be better for diabetics and perhaps for the rest of us. Also, the bags are noticeably easier to tear! RL changes are not random; the company has a goal.

I am not altogether surprised that you got a “stale” batch, though I don’t think that would harm you, as long as you are somewhere near the expiration date. Soylent often provokes very different reactions, though most people seem to reconcile with the current version. Sometimes I think of Soylent as the Rorschach test of foods with everyone getting back their own subjective input.


They seem a bit thinner too.

One big advantage is that Rosa Labs still make and sell 1.6; for older versions you’re limited to Soylent that people bought but didn’t eat.


Not sure what you are tasting, but I feel I have had a problem with the oil being rancid in some bags of 1.6. When that does happen it is a bitter nasty taste. It won’t hurt you, but it can taste utterly nasty when it happens.