Started DIY Recipe Today


I got all of my ingredients shipped to me and thought I’d share some thoughts about my recipe. First of all, here’s the recipe for anyone who is interested:

Now, I thought that the amount of chocolate in my recipe might be excessive. However, I’ve found that it’s actually around the right point as far as taste goes. A little less probably wouldn’t hurt, but it’s definitely not unpleasant. The taste is similar to a chocolate shake, but perhaps a tad “powdery”, and not quite as sweet.

Speaking of powder, this recipe has a LOT of it. It probably has just under a Liter of just powder. Luckily it mixed fairly easily in a blender with about 3 glasses of water to create a thick mixture. I have further diluted this upon final consumption, and the consistency is quite appealing. So far I’m feeling quite fulfilled in terms of wanting or needing to eat. I’ll post more details tonight after I’ve finished.

This weekend is going to be weird, I have a couple of functions were I’ll be eating real food, but that’s OK.


I will be watching this with interest


So today was one of the strange days. I started off with soylent and drank half a day’s worth of it. The recipe seems fairly good, but I may modify it in the future to reduce the chocolate content, it’s a tad much, but again, not too bad. The rest of my calories came from a buffet that I had already planned to go to. It was tasty, and I tried to stick with the healthier choices. In other news, I won some money in blackjack - but I can hardly attribute that to soylent ;).

I wouldn’t say I was necessarily hungry while drinking soylent, but I had an odd, maybe empty, feeling in my stomach even though I didn’t have an urge to eat more. Perhaps it’s just processed and moved along more quickly than I’m used to. Tomorrow I plan on eating the other half of my soylent, and then I have another engagement that was already planned for the evening. Sunday will probably be my first full day on my soylent recipe and I’m curious as to how that will go, but I’m definitely optimistic after today’s testing.

I’ve narrowed down the consistency that I think I like. After blending I have approximately 1.25L of a thick soylent product. I’ve stored this in my blender all day, and the consistency has stayed pretty much the same. My first meal I tried mixing 400mL of the thick mixture with 200mL of additional water. This was tasty, but decidedly too thick/too much to eat at once. For my next meal I decided to try mixing about 250mL with 350mL of water. This was very close to what I desired. It was a bit thinner than I wanted, but not by much. Tomorrow I’m going to try to mix about 300/300, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try just a tad less. After drinking the “shake”, I do a 450mL fill of the bottle with water and drink it to make sure I get everything, and to make sure I’m getting enough H2O too (but not H2O2 [bad science joke, please ignore]).

So far so good. Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know, or if I’m already sharing more than you care about ;). All in all I’d rate my happiness with this mixture as very high.


I am experiencing the same thing. It’s kind of profound; I was used to overeating, so I didn’t really have a definition for sated. Now I can say I am sated after soylent but not stuffed. Maybe this is what you’re experiencing too?


I can possibly attribute some of the feeling to that. I didn’t necessarily overeat all of the time, but maybe there’s just something about solid food that “sits” in the stomach. Either way, it’s just a tad strange.

Yesterday went well, finished the last half of my soylent recipe. Today’s my first day on all DIY soylent. This should be interesting.


So after thinking there was too much chocolate in my recipe the other day, I reduced the quantity by 2 tbsp. The bitter taste didn’t go away. Luckily during the process, I decided to taste just a smidgen of my crushed up multivitamin. Gross - that’s what’s causing the bitter taste. So, after today’s recipe, I’ve decided that I’ll be cutting the multi in half or quarters and just swallowing it to remove that disgusting flavor from the recipe.


So after a full day of my recipe, I have a couple of notes. First, I got hungry. I wanted some solid food for dinner, but I ate my soylent instead. It did eventually fill me up, but I’m guessing that my body is used to getting most of my calories at dinner time. This could easily be something I just need to adjust to.

Secondly, for some reason or another soylent doesn’t seem as fulfilling as real food. I know that it’s most likely 100x better than my normal diet, but I couldn’t help thinking about food today. Oh well, I suppose. I’m going to try the recipe without vitamins tomorrow. If that isn’t fulfilling, I’m going to switch to a 50/50 soylent/real food diet for a few days to see if that helps.


I’ve been doing 50/50 unintentionally (I ran out of supplies and ordered too late). I think it’s a good middle ground.

Try downing a ton of water at meal time; that seems to help me.


You could also feel the unfilling effect from simply consuming less calories. Most people take more calories in before switching to soylent: some do it on purpose to loose weight, some just never realised how much calories they actually were consuming.

Since a lot of DIY recipies are for weight loss, you may have inadvertently put too few calories in your soylent. I see that it has 2175 kcal, which is a tad low for men. Do you have any reference as to how much calories you consumed before going soylent?


@Rick, that’s a great point. I don’t have a reference for how many calories I was eating before. I’ve tried counting calories before, but unless you measure every single ounce of w/e is going into you it’s imprecise. I’m a bit overweight, and would like to get that under control, which is why I choose the number of calories.