Starter Kit alternatives


Hi everyone,

Received my Soylent today! (8 week backer, 5/22/13, west coast)

Unfortunately I did not receive a Starter Kit (or even a shipping notice for one). I’m not complaining though, just glad to have received what I have!

Curious if anybody (especially the DIYers) have any suggestions for alternatives to the stuff in the starter kit, moreso the bottle than the scoop, as I will likely make a day’s worth at a time hence no real need for the scoop. I’d like a bottle that can actually hold a full-day’s supply and that’s air-tight when sealed, like the official bottle.

What do you guys/gals use?


What I did until I received mine was get a 2L bottle of juice and dump it, then use a food funnel to get all the soylent into the bottle. Another alternative is something like this. You can get them at grocery stores for about 8-10 bucks. That’s what I stored my DIY in. I kind of misplaced it a while back, thus going with a juice bottle, knowing my starter kit wasn’t far off.


Just FYI you can actually get the official pitchers, just not in green… I did a review of the pitcher (based on my starter kit) actually here…


I bought the takeya pitcher through Amazon. I wish it was glass, but other than that, it works perfectly. Air tight as advertised and holds a full days worth.


I saw the Takeya pitcher sold at my local hardware store the other day. (Cole Hardware, Mission street, San Francisco)


I apologize for being pedantic, but the Soylent branded pitchers are advertised as 2 liters and the pitchers you link to in your review, which are supposed to be the same pitchers, are advertised as “2 pack each 66 oz./2 quarts Capacity - Hot or Cold” on Amazon. The unfortunate thing is that 66 ounces isn’t equal to 2 quarts and neither 2 quarts nor 66 oz. is equal to 2 liters.

Of the three, how big are these pitchers?


Hmmm… good point, I hadn’t noticed that there was possibly a size discrepancy. They looked exactly the same in the picture and I couldn’t find any others like them on Amazon so figured they were the same. Maybe they aren’t… can anyone confirm?


They are indeed the same. I think the 2liter/2quart equivalent is a common US approximation error.


the takeya pitchers are the same ones from the starter kit.

i actually have both a soylent starter kit pitcher and a normal takeya pitcher. i compared the two just now, and they’re the same height/width. i’m using my normal takeya pitcher for some diy, so can’t compare directly. it’s true, though, it’s a 2 quart capacity, not 2 liter.


Yeah, those are the ones that we use. Sorry that your SK hasn’t been delivered yet, @pmjm – we’re using USPS for starter kits and it looks like they might take a day or two longer in some cases. If you PM me your name/email I can look up your order and see what’s up.


Thanks for the info on the Takeya pitchers, that’s perfect! And @JulioMiles no big deal at all! I’m just thrilled to get my Soylent after having some serious doubts over the past few months, but you guys did it! You came through! For reference, I also pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever when it was first announced in 1997. :wink:


So we have established that you are a glutton for punishment, is that it? LOL

Glad you got your Soylent… now tell us what you think about it!


Interesting, your link is blocked by K aspersky.


wow what the heck…? That’s really bizarre. Do they not like Amazon links now?

Thanks for the heads up, though I doubt there’s much I can do about it. Bizarre.


Actually what am I even saying… that’s just a link to our blog and not even an amazon link. So now I really have no idea. Unless maybe my server got associated with a “bad neighborhood” or something, which is certainly possible. A head scratcher to be sure…


Has anyone in the UK/EU tried to get hold of these?

They’re $35.99 for a set of 2 on that link above, and the exact same one on is £101.70. That’s approx $172.38!

I can always try ordering off through my reshipper, but it still seems somewhat excessive.


I know that Costco in the US sells them. If there’s a location somewhere close to you, they might carry them.


Costco does sell them! I got a two pack with a fruit infuser plus a tea infuser for $24.99. They also had them in green!


Not Costco UK, according to their website :frowning:

Edit: hah. Is this it?


That’s the smaller version of it. They make a 1 and 2 quart model. The Soylent starter kit contains a 2qt one.