Starter kit? Backing goals? Merch?


When I placed the order for my three month supply of Soylent during the original campaign, it was stated by the Soylent team that if a certain funding level happened before the close of the campaign, all original backers would receive a bottle with a stainless mesh mixing ball inside. I ran across another thread that said there weren’t enough orders to have those made. Is this true? I also ordered a tee-shirt, which I was charged for and haven’t received. I’ve received a pitcher and scoop (which I didn’t want, need or order) and it’s low-end Ikea quality, but the scoop is decent.

So, with so many different avenues of goods being produced and delivered, is there a comprehensive

outline for everything somewhere that I’m not aware of?

So far, I’m precisely $700.00 in and I’ve received a $3 pitcher and $2 scoop.


Come on man, it’s a $15-20 pitcher


We realized pretty early on that the single most important Soylent accessory is a pitcher for preparation, so we switched to including one of them (and a custom scoop) with each new customer.

And please let us know where you can find a US-made airtight pitcher of similar quality for $3!


To directly answer “where were the changes discussed”:
Mixer bottle -> Nalgene
Nalgene -> Takeya

There was another blog post stating that some of the backerkit add-ons (stainless 1000ml, blenderbottle, tumblers, drink cozy) were canceled due to lack of interest, but this is separate from the stretch goal item - the items removed were only the ones that were purchasable as “extra” items via backerkit (and since they were canceled, nobody was charged).

I don’t know about the T-shirt. My guess is that it will ship with the Soylent?


Wow. $15-$20 for that? It’s crap. I would expect to see it at the Dollar store, Big-Lots, etc. Totally blown away by this. If I’d have ordered it on Amazon for $16… I’d have sent it back.


What’s wrong with it specifically?

I’m actually interested, the reviews on Amazon seemed pretty good in general, so I was hoping for a fairly decent product.


I have 2 of these Takeya pitchers that I have been using since last August for my soylent. They are very durable, can go in the dishwasher ( been washing one of them every other day) and can be laid down in the fridge if you don’t have a tall space. They also don’t take up a lot of extra space and are the right size for a days worth of Soylent. I saw them recently at Costco in a 2 pack for about $29 on a special sale. Early on there was a blog post about the original mixer bottle not being up to standard for what Team Soylent was looking for. Also people seem to have very particular needs for a carry along bottle so probably best left to individual choice.


I opened the package to to find the pitcher and scoop; not needing or expecting them, I basically gave them a quick once-over and set them aside. With my initial examination, I felt the container and handle too thin and I didn’t like the rubber handle cover, additionally, a quick check found that it’s height is going to cause (minor) issues fitting into my fridge. I tend to gravitate toward items that are seemingly very well built and robust. I also have large hands (think Shaq, not Sta-Puft) and the handle is so close to the container that my hand barely fits around the handle between the pitcher and handle.

That being said, at this point, I think my initial assessment was hasty and lacking. The opinions expressed here caused me to go back and reevaluate the jug. The clear plastic is thinner than I would like to see, but I do think it’s strong enough to be used for a very long time and I like that the top screws off; something I hadn’t noticed previously. I don’t like how close the handle is to the body or how tall the pitcher is. The screw on lid is nice, the silicone O-ring should provide a nice seal and I don’t care for the rubber handle sock.

So, like just about everything else, there are pro’s and con’s that are opinion-based. I should have performed a more thorough inspection before I went public with my ignorance.

I shall STFU now. Thank you for your time, good Sirs.


Yea, I don’t use the rubber sleeve on the handle. just slipped off and put in a drawer.


I enjoyed reading your perspective on this. I’m in the opposite camp of knowing to expect these items instead of what was originally in the backer site but I haven’t received my kit yet. No need to STFU. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Lee, I’m curious where you placed the pitcher in your dishwasher? The bottom of the pitcher states that it is dishwasher-safe on the top rack but my first thought upon reading that was, “How the f@#% would this fit on the top rack?”. Have you tried the bottom rack?


No way it would fit on the top rack. I put it on the bottom rack and the top pieces wherever they fit.


I have long suspected that the dishwasher-safe top rack thing really should be “Dishwasher safe without heated dry”.

I believe from experience the only issue with plastics that are dishwasher safe are the heated dry or steam dry feature. Those temperatures generally break down plastics even if they don’t apparently melt.