Starting my 28 day Soylent tmrw. Here's my recipe, Please let me know what you think. Thanks


Well folks I am going to dive straight in tomorrow and do a 28 day Soylent experiment.

Here is the link to my recipe.

All thanks to CuriousBen, this is his recipe with a few tweaks here and there for my own purposes.

I am doing this to lose a bit of weight in what, I hope, will be the healthiest way I have ever tried to lose weight.

Anyway…let me know what you all think.

And a huge thanks to Curiousben.



Hi Alan!

The reason nobody responded so far probably is that your google doc requires logging in.

I’m curious, what is the Xantham gum for?

I understand you have ordered already, but for future consideration: Apparently Asda has a multivitamin that covers almost everything to 100%.

If you are using normal table salt, not lo-salt, I would recommend raising to Potassium Gluconate to 15g per day, to get the ideal amount of potassium.

Other than that, it looks good though :slight_smile:


Ah I see. I thought everyone had just lost interest. lol.

So…how do I share a google doc so that people don’t have to log in to view it?

And as for the Phosphate…I think I will get some Lo-salt…much cheaper.

Thanks Ben.


Do you know which multivitamin specifically? I can probably find it on my own, but if you know which one it would save the effort.

Also, I looked into Lo Salt, but if I was going to get enough potassium and sodium, it put me way over on chloride. Are the chloride levels in Lo Salt the same as in table salt? Or am I doing it wrong?



Brilliant, thank you.