Starting my 30 days of Soylent


I’m gonna be documenting the next 30 days (and if it’s successful personally for me, another 30) of my Soylent diet.

My goal is to drop fat, build muscle, and get fit. And I’m going to be consuming ONLY Soylent.

I’m writing posts for my blog, so stay tuned!


Only got a few paragraphs in, not my cup of tea. I wish you luck though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lot’s of naughty words, but pretty funny. I hear that a kitten dies every time you say a naughty word so just think about that. :wink:

The “Death or Soylent” title is great, btw.


Holy #$%%$#@!!..I can $%^%$$# believe you got the $%^^%%$# that many boxes of &&^% ^&&^%$#$. Just remember to go ^&&*&^%%$ slow or your gonna get the ^&**&^ .

Opinion formed.