Starting my journey on Soylent

I am excited to begin my Soylent journey very soon… MUCH earlier than I anticipated.

I first heard of soylent early when it was announced and critiqued through media (before it was readily available) and then I simply forgot about it for a year. Last month, I started doing research into it and became very excited about the prospects of starting a soylent-exclusive diet. On March 11th, I went for it, and ordered the stuff. A monthly subscription. I was notified while ordering that it would take 4-5 months!!! I was disillusioned but still determined. So I searched for similar products to use in the meantime. I ended up ordering a 30-meal supply of a product called “The Ultimate Meal” (if you’ve heard of it, let me know!). I’ve been using it for a few days and I really don’t like the taste of it and the complexity of preparing it.

I lead a very busy lifestyle that has lately put me on an unhealthier path than I prefer. I try to be healthy and active, but with a full-time job, a part-time job, two consistent volunteer obligations, and an MA degree in the works, it can get tough to stay on track w/fitness and health goals. I am also a vegetarian, so it’s especially important that I get all my appropriate nutrients. Hence, my excitement for soylent!

Remember how I said my order was expected to ship in 4-5 months? Well, guess what! It has already shipped AND was delivered yesterday. In less than 10 days from my initial order!! I just have to go pick it up from my uncle’s house, and then the journey begins! I am also planning on getting back into full-throttle mode with my exercising. I’m hoping that with soylent in my diet, my energy levels will increase so that I am not totally exhausted throughout the day, and hence have energy to gym it up.

I’ll probably start my soylent meals tomorrow (and just use that “Ultimate Meal” as a back-up or something).

Anyone want to throw some pointers my way as to how I should combine my gyming/exercising with soylent intake? I am planning of using soylent to replace probably 90% of my weekly meals (and occasionally 100%, I presume).

Also, anyone have experience with taking soylent as your meals, but also consuming whey/protein after exercising? Any negative reactions?

Can anyone speak of the positives associated with soylent and exercising?

How about sleeping-- have you noticed improved quality of sleep since starting soylent?
Cognitive skills improving?

I am hoping to usher into this soylent-accepting community for support throughout the beginning of my journey. Thus far, most of my colleagues are seemingly disgusted and turned off by my soylent trajectory. But whatever, I know what’s good for me. I am still looking forward to all the positives associated with soylent, and can’t wait to see what it will do for my brain and the rest of my body!

I’ll be posting updates on my experience, beginning with the actual first use and reactions that follow.

Thanks for reading

First rule of Soylent club: Talk about it. A lot. :wink:

Second rule of Soylent club: Scale into it. Don’t jump immediately to 90%+ overnight. Start with replacing 1 meal, usually breakfast seems to set the tone for folks the best. Do a Soylent breakfast for maybe 2 or 3 days, then add lunch. Do that for another 2 or 3 (or whatever you’re good with) days, then you can add dinner/4th meal etc.

Welcome aboard, and so much sooner than anticipated! :slight_smile:


What Vanclute said! And also, don’t plan out your entire future based on Soylent BEFORE even trying it. Best laid plans. Btw, where the heck is @BriBy? I know Soylent 1.0 didn’t work out for him, I’m wondering if 1.4 might be better?

My ex and I loved the two Soylent videos he made, I was hoping he would keep making them:


Decades eating solid food and then suddenly jumping to a semi-solid/ liquid diet for even 90% of meals could bring problems. Not just Soylent, any meal replacements could cause these problems. So ease into it. I am not sure but probably even the release notes say that.

Soylent is not a miracle food. After a few months on the stuff, I find the difference from regular food subtle. I do feel healthier, but I felt healthy already. I feel depressed less often, but that is quite subjective. I slept well before and I sleep well now.

I recently discovered I really like protein powder mixed with my Soylent, and I’ll probably keep that going; I also add some stevia.

I love not going to grociery stores and getting my sustenance delivered by mail. I like knowing exactly what I’m consuming.

One funny aspect to this… I found that as time went on, it became harder and harder to really notice the differences with Soylent, because my memory of what things were like for me then had changed. But when I remember specific, objective moments (all the mornings I would wake up feeling all groggy for at least the first hour of each day. All the afternoons when I would crash due to lack of energy. All the mornings I woke up feeling like shit from my crappy sleep, etc. etc. etc.) and compare them to how I am now with Soylent, then there’s no question at all that the differences are massive.

My other half uses a step tracker (Jawbone… mine died) and found that with Soylent, her average daily steps increased by typically about 50% simply because she no longer would crash out after an hour or two of yard work, and could keep going all day long. That’s held true ever since we introduced Soylent and her average daily physical activity is way higher now (it wasn’t terrible before but now it’s fantastic). But without someone else to point it out to her, it’s easy to forget and just think “I feel perfectly normal, I’m not sure if Soylent has really had much effect. Maybe a slight one.” It’s not slight, not at all. At least not for us.

For me, a year ago, pre-Soylent, I was typically running seven miles several times a week, and it wasn’t unusual to do more. For the last six months or so, mostly post-Soylent, I have been running daily, max four-mile runs, never more. So it hasn’t been a boost in my energy level, and it’s not that I’ve forgotten the bad old days.

I was speaking of our experiences. Obviously yours were different. And I’m also not talking about doing something as physically punishing as running long distances.

I’m sorry I gave the impression I thought you were talking about my experience. I was comparing yours with mine. I’m a slow runner, so my runs aren’t what I would call body-punishing.

Ah gotcha, appreciate the clarification. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you all for the comments and support! Last night, I found this box waiting for me.

How exciting, was my first impression. It all seemed strangely sophisticated and tailored to my structural needs.

This morning, I had soylent for breakfast. I blended roughly 2 scoops with water and a banana. Then I let it sit in the freezer while I showered, and came back to a chilled banana-like smoothie. I can’t really decipher the taste, as I did just brush my teeth prior to drinking. So it tasted like a mix of banana, flour, and my minty breath. I’ll have to try unadulterated soylent soon.

I want to say that I almost immediately felt more energized after drinking it, but that may just be my bias speaking. Now it’s about 2.5 hours since ingestion, and I feel fine. Will probably have soylent for dinner tonight. Lunch is already planned with a colleague (at the veggie grill).

I’m hoping that my experience will be similar to yours’, thanks for the insight!

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Anyone else notice the “1SK” sticker?? I haven’t seen that before. @stealingfromtmw can you report the actual version number printed on your bags? :slight_smile:

EDIT: On closer inspection I see the boxes also say v104 on them, so probably is indeed 1.04.

“One starter kit.”

Ahhhhh of course, makes total sense.

Yes, it is indeed formula v1.4

I’m sitting here in the office at work, and I just consumed my second meal of soylent for dinner (first was breakfast). As planned, I did have a hearty vegetarian meal for lunch.

This time, I mixed two scoops (I really like the scooper! very robust) of soylent with cold water. No banana to give it taste this time. To me, it decidedly tastes as though I mixed flour and water, and drank it. It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but far from repulsive. Just, ‘blah’ :unamused:
I wasn’t really expecting it to taste great anyway; at least now I know I can stomach it without a problem.

I feel pretty good, I would say. :relieved:
But obviously it’s too early to make any concrete assumptions. At this point of the day, I’m usually pretty tired after working, and doze into a microsleep episode at least once. But not today-- at least not yet. I want to give some of that credit to soylent-- but I will withhold those assumptions until I can say so with a higher degree of certitude.

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I’m also just at the beginning of starting Soylent. I haven’t made it a large enough part of my diet to notice health effects. I am still mostly eating regular food because receiving my order so fast was a surprise. I had just gone grocery shopping a couple days before.

Eventually replacing the awful 95% percent of meals, but still enjoying the best 5% is the goal. And cutting out time buying, thinking about, and prepping meals I don’t care about. How well that ideal works out, I’m still figuring out. Lots of promise though.

IF anyone is interested on how this subject is doing with soylent,
here are some updates after 20 days on the powdered food:

-My weekly diet is now at about 90% soylent. I’d say I have solid meals sporadically, and usually only in social settings (e.g., dinner with a friend, lunch with coworkers).
-My energy levels have gone up, I don’t get so tired as often as before. I think my sleep quality has also improved.
-Stress has decreased; this is likely due to the relief I have about not having to worry if i’m getting all my nutrients in a day. No more rushing to whole foods/trader joes in between jobs, trying to get quality food.
-I have developed a craving for soylent. When I first started, I was not too enamored about the taste, but over time I now have absolutely no problem consuming it, and even crave it many times.
-I have definitely cut back on fast food and unhealthy alternatives, quite drastically. No more having to order a pizza when I’m too busy working (although I still do crave it sometimes!).
-I am still working on exercising more. I am very optimistic of what results I will have, combining exercise and soylent into my lifestyle.
-I am always on the run, so I always carry my soylent pitcher with me from point a to b to c each day. I’m sure some people wonder “what is that substance?” For those who do ask, I marvel them one way or the other.

Those are all the updates I can think of at the moment.

I am about to embark on a public health project for several weeks in a Himalayan village. I’ll be relying on soylent for my nutritional needs. It will be a pretty strenuous hike through the region, so I’m hoping for good results with soylent on my side.

I’ll update more once I identify major changes and when I up my exercise routine.




I’ve found this as well. I just don’t crave my old favorite foods anymore. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy them when I do eat out… Just that I need to make an effort to desire what used to be a favorite. The thought “I’ll just have some more Soylent” comes to mind more often than I would have anticipated.


We’ve noticed much the same. Most of the time we’d just rather have Soylent because it’s so much less of a nuisance. My gal realized earlier today that it’s been a year since she ate a salad, and she wasn’t even sure if she could handle one now. So we went out to a salad bar place and aside from initially being overwhelmed at the options and barely remembering what a lot of it was - she had no troubles with it. Though at the same time, it wasn’t exactly exciting.

Did she ever find salads exciting?