Starting Primarily Soylent


I have been following the soylent blog for the past few months, and I finally made the commitment, got most of the micros and have some serious mass from previous excursion. So I will order more macros when that runs out.

Currently this is the recipe I will be using:

I plan on adding nootropics but am not sure which would be best. I also feel that I could find another fat source or maybe I am missing something as the oil doesn’t blend well enough IMO and I can see it separated. If anyone has suggestions on how best to improve my formula feed back is always welcome. Also i haven’t decided on the specific fat/carb/protein ratio to use yet, so keep that in mind.


You need an emulsifier to mix the oil in your water solution. I use soy lecithin (putting the soy in soylent), though other emulsifiers, including other lecithins, are available.


While a lot of us do experiment with nootropics I think you’d find a larger well of knowledge in that area elsewhere. I’d reccomend a simple piracetam /inositol / choline mix myself.

Are you trying to put on muscle? lose wight? maintain weight?


I am trying to put on a little more muscle and lose about 7-12 pounds, currently at 212 want 205-200.

As far as the Piracetam is concerned i’ll look into it.