Starting Week 2 of my DIY


I’ve decided to call mine Human Enhancement Serum just because Soylent makes everyone respond with a stupid reference to soylent green.

So far everything is great. I feel like I have energy throughout the day. I sleep better than before and awake more rested. The two times I haven’t felt great were when I awoke after having eaten muggle food for either dinner or lunch. I don’t crave anything at all and based on the results I’ll probably really be hesitant to supplement my HES with any real meals at all.

In another 2 weeks I’m going to draw blood and check my levels. I think I’ll also send some spit to and see if there’s any conditions I’m predisposed to that might factor in.

Right now my cost per day is around $6.50, but that will come down now that I have a pretty established formula and can focus on finding cheaper sources for the ingredients I’m sticking with.

I’m one of the constant sippers and don’t drink my mix during mealtimes. I drink a bit here and there all throughout the day.


Human Enhancement Serum.

Yes. :smiley:


Excited for this shit!!


@bigepidemic - thanks for your original formula - I used it as a base for my 1500-cal/day IIFYM-style recipe:

Peanut Butter is a great way to get a good portion of the protein and fat and has a great taste profile. I’m pretty happy with my recipe now and am moving from ‘experimenting’ to using it. So far so good.