Sticking around


Well, I’m into my 3rd week of soylent, totally liking it. What made it easier for me was that I tried 3 other products while I was in the queue. Raw Food, KetoSoy and !00%Food. I like Soylent leaps and bounds above the others. Raw food is weak. KetoSoy gave me stomach trouble and tastes just weird and 1000%Food just didn’t keep me satiated near as long as Soylent. I’ll be keeping a back up order of 100%Food on hand in the event of Soiled shipping gaps, since Hawaii always seems to have issues.
I think I was kind of lucky to come right in on V1.4. I like the non-specific flavor and nursing it through the days keeps me satisfied.

Looking to stay on it for the long haul.

BTW, I love that I made all of tomorrow’s meals in about 5 min.