Still distributing / selling Soylent for people around the world?


So, a few months ago, had a request form for people who wanted to give it a try. In particular, I recall Rob would send Soylent for free for people who would dutifully take some exams and report back the results to him.

Are you still doing that? How can I acquire Soylent now?


I believe there were a bunch of us that applied for that. I for one never heard anything back, but I was late to the game.

At this point I think you may be stuck waiting for the official release of Soylent to the mass market sometime in August.

Although there are several of us who are currently living on our own DIY versions of Soylent. Searching through this forum you should be able to find several recipe’s that you could use or alter for your specific needs.

I would recommend purchasing a portion of the actual Soylent from the crowd source here:


Thanks, Harvey. Unfortunately, I leave outside of the US (well, that’s fortunate, actually, since I’d never want to set foot in a country led by your leaders / government now, but that’s another story… lol), so I can’t get it from there.

But, yeah, I think I’ll buy the T-Shirt, both to help the project and to keep it as a keepsake of the coming food revolution :slight_smile:



While I can’t exactly hold it against you for not liking the US government, it still does not mean you can’t start your own DIY. But it all depends where you are at in the world.

Thanks for contributing, eventually Soylent will be a global thing, it just takes time and patience. Which one of those I do not have. :wink:

Good luck either way that you go!


It is not that difficult to ship to Europe, is it? At the expense of those who wish to purchase it