Still haven't received my order, placed on May 7


Order number #221X

On September 19th the additional Mug / Scoop I ordered was sent to me, but I’ve never actually received any of the Soylent I ordered. I have a buddy who ordered his the same day as me, later in the day than me and he received his Soylent 2 weeks ago.

How can I get my soylent order?


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Thanks @Soyguy ! Appreciate the tag.


@Kris1, @Soylent has an email they posted for questions if you haven’t received it yet and its been past a specific date., @Soylent


@Kris1 Thanks for letting us know. We’re shipping out your order this week – you will receive a shipping notification via email in 2-3 business days for your Soylent (will be 1.3). @roryheaney is also correct about various inquiries handled at Sorry about the mix-up and thanks again for your support!


Thanks @Soylent ! Can’t wait!


P.S. @roryheaney - Your mothers…a wonderful woman.


Sending another email.

Received my order, but did not receive my Pitcher / Scoop that was ordered at the same time (Im supposed to get the scoop / pitcher) that came with my order of Soylent + the extra one I ordered.

Please advise.


@soylent @soyguy @roryheaney - I sent a follow up email to this, (not getting my Pitcher / Scoop that I payed extra for) and haven’t heard back in 3 days. What should I do?


@soyguy @Soylent @roryheaney

I also appear tp be unable to signup for a subscription. I thought after I received my first shipment I would be able to order a subscription?

Thanks for the help guys


@Kris1 Your additional starter kit is shipping in 2-3 business days – tracking email to follow after it ships. A subscription placed with your email has been confirmed as priority and will ship within 2 weeks of the order date. Please keep an eye out for the tracking email for your first installment. Thanks!