Still haven't received my Strawberry


I ordered a trial 4 pack of Strawberry and my card was charged on July 20, has anyone else seen wait times this long? I have a couple co-workers that ordered around the same time and theirs have arrived already.




Also it doesn’t show up in my purchase history, I was wondering if that was normal


It sounds like you need to check with customer service, though it wouldn’t surprise me if those 4-packs were in short supply.


I ordered on July 18th and it came on August 1st (and 1 of the bottles was spoiled or something).

It doesn’t show up in my purchase history either because it wouldn’t let me use my Soylent linked email to purchase it.


I also ordered on July 18th but received my set on August 4th.


Very sorry for the delay. These were very popular! Please contact and they will help get you sorted out.
– John


If you like it please message me, I’d like to donate my remaining supply to a good cause.


UPDATE I did contact and they took care of my order. Very pleased with the customer service from Rey Ann!