Still Hungry After Eating Soylent


Hi all,
I’ve just started my one month supply of Soylent 1.0. I’ve been slowly integrating it into my diet. The past two days, I’ve only had it for breakfast. Today, I plan on having it for breakfast and lunch.

This morning, I made a one meal batch based on the directions provided. But by 10:30 am, I was already hungry. Based on the articles I read about people testing Soylent, I did not expect to be hungry so quickly.

Has anyone experienced the same thing? Am I not doing something correctly when I’m consuming Soylent? Should I consume it differently?

Any advice or tips is welcome!


I typically tend to drink it all at once for breakfast (16-20 oz) since I’m almost always in a rush, and it keeps me very sated until lunchtime. That said, many people here seem to have better luck by bringing a bottle with them and sipping throughout the day whenever they feel a little hunger.

A common phrase seems to be along the lines of “I get hungry but then after a little Soylent I feel great again”

Oh, and also “I think the gas has killed my coworkers” but there are different threads for that :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Also, look into how many calories are in your one-meal batch vs your typical breakfast, if you typically eat breakfast


If I don’t add salt (1/4 teaspoon) I am noticeably less satiated.

Unfortunately, official Soylent only ever fully satiates me first thing in the morning. So most days, I end up eating at least lunch or dinner to reach satiation. Sometimes a bag of chips is enough to reach satiation, but most days I need a proper meal. I didn’t have the same problem with either Marion Fuel or People Chow Plus (FYI: I enjoyed Marion Fuel, but hated the taste and texture of People Chow Plus.)

I’ve tried adding more salt, iron (I’ve dealt with anemia, so this was a possibility), oil (based on LivingParadox’s experiences), and Vitamin C (also based on LivingParadox’s experiencs). All to no avail; although the small Vitamin C supplement did seem to give me noticeably more energy.

At this point, I’m planning to cancel my subscription, rotate between DIYs and my remaining Soylent stock, and wait for Soylent 2.0.


Many people think they are hungry the moment their stomach isn’t full/has stuff in it. When you are 100% Soylent, the volume of what is in your stomach is much much less than what people normally have… This takes some getting used to.


I take about half a package’s worth (around 1,000 calories) to work – and find myself going through most of it by lunchtime because it tastes so darn good. Then I’m briefly sorry I’m out, and then I forget all about food until I get home and make dinner. I’m always very ready for dinner, though.

Hmm, until right this moment I’ve been thinking of this as “eating all my Soylent at once.” But I guess it’s more just “having breakfast and lunch.”

Next week I’m going to try going 100%… if there are interesting hunger developments, I’ll post them.


Yaara, if you make it to lunch on half of the pitcher and are fine until dinner I think going to 100% will be pretty easy for you. You’ve got a whole other 1000 calories waiting for you when you get home!


If I didn’t feel satiated on DIY, I would be able to swallow this line of thought. The fact that DIY fills me up (and only a 1800 calorie version at that) but official Soylent doesn’t leads me to believe there is something else responsible. In addition, when I’m on DIY my cravings for soda are near non-existent; on Soylent, my soda cravings are just like they are on a non-soylent diet.

edited to add: DIY also doesn’t give me room clearing sulfer farts.


It’s possible that DIY leads to much more stable blood sugar levels. I myself find that eating more carbs makes me crave sweets. Maybe the
DIY soylent digests slower leading to a smaller spike in blood sugar? I wish I had one of those implantable blood glucose monitors so i could track what its doing to my body.


Same issue here. On my DIY Peoples Chow, I was very easily satiated by drinking 500kcal for breakfast (6:30) and 500 kcal for lunch (noon), another 500 kcal for dinner (6:30) and only sometimes a few 100 kcal drinks in the evening (later).

with official Soylent, 500 kcals for breakfast does not last until noon. I am finding I am finishing all 2000 kcal in a day plus a small snack or two.

Unfortunately, I was no longer able to stomach the people’s chow. Not sure why but my body no longer liked it (bad taste experience and on occasion felt like throwing up).

I like the official Soylent but something is definitely different. .

Ratios don’t appear drastically different:
Peoples Chow 273 g carb / 88 protein / 66 fat
Soylent 252 g carb/ 114 g protein 72 g fat

anyone on a DIY oat flour and soylent comparison? perhaps the masa takes longer to digest.


It’s mostly the lack of stomach feel. You’ll have that for about the first 5 days or so. It happens with most low volume diets (HCG diet, etc). The most important thing is to drink your water. But once your body adjusts to soylents lack of volume, you won’t feel hungry for a while.

Drink you water and you’ll be fine. I will tell you, if you go 100% soylent, your hunger will be insane on days 4-5 and by day 6 it’l be way less. At least it worked that way for me when i’ve gone on diets, days 4-5 are the hardest.


I’ve been through the same thing with strict calorie-counting diets, it takes a while to get used to the lower volume of food. Soylent is nutritionally complete but there’s nothing in it that’s going to convince your body of that.

Drink a lot of water. And I mean a lot. After meals and between meals, whether or not you’re hungry. That takes the edge off. Buy a giant bottle or even a dispenser or two and keep it near you at all times.

Going to add salt to my next batch. I read about the salt deficit the manual but I missed the part about the lack of salt causing headaches, and I’ve been experiencing headaches as well, so it might help kill my two biggest hurdles towards getting to 90%.


Normally I would agree, as I felt some hunger when I started with the DIY soylent (Peoples Chow). it too is roughly the same volume (111 g vs 117 g per 500 kcal).

I started DIY back in Nov and shifted from 2/3 DIY / 1/3 muggle to 100% diy soylent. I became keenly aware of when I was hungry vs. just feeling an empty stomach. And the first couple of days were tough.

However after that cycle, I just wasn’t hungry consuming 1500 calories of DIY peoples chow as I am with 2000+ calories of official Soylent.

And I agree water is crucial to soylent success.