Still Hungry! - Soylent 1.4


I just got my soylent 1.4 mixed an entire day in a pitcher according to the directions and left it overnight. Today I started breakfast on soylent and drank some waited to feel full nope drink some more by lunch I had consumed about 3/4 of it. Always feeling a little hungry by lunch time I felt like I had not eaten trouble focusing etc. Then went out and grabbed a burger and fries which satisfied my hunger. In the afternoon I was more tired than normal wanting to fall asleep.

Anyone else have such issues especially when they are first starting. Perhaps adding something to the official soylent to make it more filling?? I may ditch this soylent stuff if it doesn’t work. I was hoping that it could at least fill one meal in the day.


Give it time, your body has to re-learn what is true hunger vs a desire for fats and surgar.


How much did your start with? Depending on your size and what you are accustomed to eating for breakfast you probably need 12-16 ounces to start with. Granted 1.4 is now listing a service size as 16 ounces (500 calories) that may be light for you. Previous versions a serving was 20 ounces.


For what it’s worth, although I don’t like the taste of 1.4 I find it very filling, more so than previous versions. And I think fat is more filling and 1.4 has more fat than previous versions. So I think that most people will find 1.4 filling. Maybe there is individual variation or an adjustment time involved.


How many calories do you usually eat daily?


A fair amount of calories a short calculation from nutrition facts came up to 3500

leecauble1 I had a little less 3/4 of the pitcher for breakfast over a period of a few hours. Given that the pitcher is about 2 liters that would end up being about 40 oz.

Which is roughly consistent with the amount of calories i have for breakfast at mcdonalds


How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What is your activity level like? Are you male or female? All these are important factions in figuring out how many calories you need per day. Soylent, when mixed per the instructions, is 1 calorie per milliliter.

Soylent will not fill you up it will keep you from feeling hungry. There is a difference between being hungry and having an empty stomach. It will take time to learn the difference. Also it’s recommended that you not quit regular food cold turkey and ease into Soylent over the course of several days giving your body time to adjust.


Yea my stomach is full of water but I am still a dull hunger. :frowning: Not at all satiated.

I am 5’10 about 210 or so pounds. Male. And I am not that active.

I’ll mix real food and try to sub a meal for a couple more days. If no change then goodbye soylent. Wanted the convenience and to break away from the fast food.


It could probably be because its a semisolid/liquid diet. Try thickening it with xanthum gum or something, there are quite a few suggestions on this site you could search around if you are interested.


Tark, I’ll be sure to look around. :smile:


Something you could try: when I’ve had enough Soylent but am still a bit hungry (maybe I’ve finished a pitcher and don’t want to mix a new one yet, especially with earlier versions that needed soaking before adding the oil), I’d have a little cheese.

Not much. A slice, or less. Add it to the Soylent in my stomach and suddenly I’d be fine. Can’t say why.


I’ve noticed the same thing on 1.4. Although it will fill me up when I had it due to the volume, when it was time for another meal my body would say “no, no more soylent” and then I would crave regular food so much so that one day I gave in and ate like I was trying to catch up. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys eating, actually find it laborious and time consuming and an overall hassle. Plus I really only eat two small meals a day. Perhaps is 1.4 was more satisfying in the flavor and texture profile I wouldn’t crave regular food.

Would love to make Soylent my default food. 1.4 makes regular food default to me. This version does not fit my needs.


According to the Soylent calorie guesstamator a 30yo male (sorry I didn’t ask your age) your size needs 2300 calories to maintain his weight. So assuming 3 meals of equal size you would need to drink 767ml or about 26 fl oz of Soylent per meal just to maintain your weight.


Many of us have found that there’s a big difference between “feeling full” and “needing food”. Easily confused, and something a lot of us have to get used to. Your body certainly shouldn’t get “hungry for energy + nutrients”, but that has nothing to do with “feeling full”. It seems a bit like splitting hairs, but it’s really a big thing.

tl;dr “Hunger” is a different sensation with Soylent.

Having said that, I’ve found 1.4 to be less satiating than previous versions. (not everyone has felt the same, FWIW)


I had this problem with 1.3. Part way through the day I would have a mad rush to eat something other than Soylent. I eventually theorized that using sweeteners (Stevia)with Soylent gave me the urge to consume more. I’m not sure if that’s true, and I’m not sure whether 1.4 has the same problem for me because I just got my shipment.


I am 5’1 (yeah, 5 feet 1 inch tall – I’m short). Weigh 130 lbs, 39 y/o and have sedentary lifestyle. This works out to 1642 Calories per day. I have a meal 16 oz which fills me up when I have it.
Normally I only eat two small meals a day because I am a small guy and don’t need much.

If anything the volume of Soylent at 16 oz is kinda big for my stomach. I shouldn’t crave regular food to the point of extreme if Soylent was satisfying me. But if it tasted better and had better texture I would probably want to drink it next time I’m hungry instead of saying no thanks.


You can try adding a 0.25 tsp of cinnamon and stevia to a batch.