Still nothing, and I ordered in November 2013!


I have been trying to get in contact with members of your team for some time. I was assured product by January, then the date kept getting pushed further and further back, and now I hear nothing at all! Since then, I have moved and the site wouldn’t let me change my address. I have tried sending emails to get that changed also to absolutely no avail. I want my product or I want a full refund for my pre-order.

I’m really excited about this product and want to receive it, but if I’m going to get this absolutely absurd runaround and delay and outright ignoring, then can I at least get the money I gave you back? Please? Is that too much to ask?

EDIT: I received a response in less than an hour and got my problem resolved! Thank you so much! I look forward to getting my order. :smile:


Tagging @JulioMiles @ana and @MattCauble


Thank you @LauraT! I have PM’d @paelidore