Still shipping April 2017 2.0?

Does anyone know if they are shipping more recent batches of 2.0? My last shipment was in late December and it was another batch made in April 2017.

The April 2017 batch is the worst tasting batch I’ve ever received and I can’t handle it anymore. Tired of holding my breath while drinking it.

It seems that I got the first April 2017 batch in May/June 2017 and every other shipment since then has been another April 2017 batch. During this time the most recent batch I’ve received is probably June.

I’ve seen people on Reddit posting pics of the new bottles of 2.0 for months and I’m still getting April 2017 batches. I hate to whine but this is very annoying.

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A week ago I got a batch that expires in August 2018, so I assume that one was made in August 2017. Newer stuff is out there.

I never noticed anything wrong with the April 2017 batch though. Tastes (and smells) fine to me.

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I buy through Amazon and I’ve had nothing but new bottles for months. You might give Amazon a try if Soylent is shipping you old stuff.

DM me a picture of your order.