Still Waiting For My Order (since April)?


Hoping someone official can help me out here. I placed an order for a 2 week supply of Soylent on 4/18/2014. I then added another 2 week supply to the order later that day (total of 4 weeks ordered, plus the pitcher). I was charged for the first half of my order immediately ($130), and the second half was charged 5/27/14 (another $130).

Since then, I have heard nothing from the company as to what/where my shipment is. Hoping I can get this sorted, as I’m guessing I should have it by now. I was told that perhaps @JulioMiles, @MattCauble or @ana could help me out?

Thanks in Advance.

Edit: I should point out that I have emailed regarding my shipment status and have been told that no support regarding shipments can be given until all backer orders have been completed. I don’t know if that milestone has passed yet, but being that I paid 4.5 months ago, at least an update would be nice. Thank you.


Hello @leeola, please PM me the email address that you used to place your orders. Thanks!