Stoichiometric Confusion - 1.9


Apologies for the formatting, I didn’t want to use HTML tables without the ability to preview how the post would display on the site:

8 fl oz meal per the nutrition label and site calls for 1/2 cup of powder = 60g = 270 calories
12 fl oz meal per the nutrition label and site calls for 2/3 cup of powder = 90g* = 400 calories

So right off the bat (2/3)/(1/2) != 90/60 != 400/270
::(1.333, 1.5, 1.48) which may seem small but really highlights the difference when you consider their proportions to one another at greater magnitudes such as the calculated calorie or macro counts using one the alternative ratios.

*The 90g comes from site instructions - nutrition label only states the mass for 1/2 cup. Since it is all the same density this I am not sure why this is not 80g given the volume ratio and defined label provided mass of 1/2 cup.

I am fine to ignore the difference the mass:calorie ratio as it’s close enough for government work, but it is really the mass:volume ratio that is throwing me given that I would much rather measure the powder out by volume to mix. If the listed mass is correct for the 1/2 cup serving then the calorie count for the 2/3 cup serving is off by 40 calories per listed 400 calorie serving. A 10% difference may not seem like much, but for a ~2000 calorie/day diet that is suddenly a 200 calories - which isn’t an insignificant difference IMO.

Or maybe I did something totally wrong ¯\(ツ)/¯ please advise.


I always measure my Soylent powder by mass first. I make 2500 calories (1 bag + 115 grams) on Sunday and eat 500 calories of it each weekday. After making the initial batch, I split it by volume rather than mass.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful at all, but I thought I would offer my experience as something worth considering.


You are correct to be confused; the nutrition panel of the 1.9 bag is confusing and unhelpful. Apparently the person designing it wanted to help the person who had no kitchen scale, but only a standard ½-cup measure. So they spelled out “servings” based on using that.

First problem: the bag contents do not divide evenly into ½-cups! Hence they have to say the bag has “about” seven servings.

Second: all the numbers are based on a ½-cup “serving” which is only 270kcal, but almost all users would want a meal larger than 270kcal. So they duplicated the information for a 400kcal meal, but to get that more typical meal, you have to scoop ¾-cup of powder. And how much for a 500kcal meal? Maybe a “scant” 1-cup scoop?

If you do the arithmetic, you find that Soylent 1.9 powder has 4.5 calories per gram.

With that knowledge and an inexpensive digital scale, you can make up a one-meal shake of the desired amount of calories. Or you can mix the whole bag of 2025kcal in a 2L pitcher and then pour out a liquid meal based on 1ml==1g==1kcal.


Thanks for the response. I basically ended up deciding to throw out everything volume related and just going off of mass and that has proven to be just as, honestly if not more, convenient as volume had been.