Stomach growling?


My friend was asking, and now I’m rather curious as well, does your stomach growl while consuming Soylent?


---- No, it does not.


Wow that was fast. You are on point.
So it doesn’t growl at all then? Even if you’re not eating any solid food? I thought your stomach growled because it was empty, like…there was nothing solid in it. At least, if my stomach is growling and I drink something, it tends to continue growling. I think.

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It is silent like a passively cooled videocard. :smile_cat:
Maybe the the liquid is just to thick for causing growling in the way you describe it.


It means you’re hungry. Are you getting enough calories?


My tummy used to make lotsa noises on soylent… i’ve stopped using soylent for the past week and its gone away but I’ve been avoiding everything with gluten / oats / grains as well. Have a doctors appointment today for my coelliac blood results. I’ve got all my ingredients again and will trying my recipe but with more protein and fibre but 1/2 the amount of oats to see if that helps with the liquid digestion noises :wink:


Mine doesn’t growl as much since I increased my calories. In my case it meant that I wasn’t consuming enough calories and I was still hungry.
After adjusting my recipe with more calories the growling has pretty much gone away.


So as long as you get enough calories it shouldn’t growl? That makes sense. It’s interesting, I always thought it was more of a…like, your stomach trying to digest and there being nothing solid in there. Thanks for all the responses.


The calories were what solved it for me.

I always found my stomach would growl more when it was empty and I was hungry, rather than trying to digest. But I am a little weird anyways.