Stomach irritation and acid - Soylent 1.2


I was really looking forward to Soylent. I have M.E. and a hiatal hernia, and saw Soylent as a solution to the labor of food preparation, and a good way to control my calorie intake to lose a bit of weight. When it arrived (I think it was 1.2), my husband and I both found it palatable (I somewhat more than he). We started off slow over the course of the week, replacing first one, then two meals with it each day. At first, all was well, except for the gas. This was just horrible, copious, sulfurous gas, not painful gas - I didn’t have any of the issues with the sucralose that I had feared I might.

Just an adjustment period, we figured. Increasingly, however, I began to notice digestive upset, and very high stomach acid production. Eventually, low-grade continual nausea set in, and I had to stop drinking Soylent.

After about half a week or so, it cleared up, and I decided to try again - a bit slower this time. Maybe my intestinal flora just needed longer to adapt, right? So, I started up again - I took an enzyme blend, and beano, and tried half a serving. It seemed okay, but again, high acid. Within two days of replacing just one meal of Soylent, the nausea was back, and my stomach was on fire - extreme high acid, and stomach pain. Keep in mind, I take acid reducers regularly, and chew antacid tablets as needed - and none of it was enough!

I had to quit Soylent entirely. Within 1 day, the fire was gone, and within 2, most of the residual nausea. There could be no mistake about it - for whatever reason, Soylent was dramatically irritating my stomach lining. I won’t try again until the formula changes in some fashion that might fix this. I would be curious to hear from others who have had a similar experience with it.

Everyone’s body is different - some people have no issues consuming Soylent, including no issues with gas - but I’ve found that it’s literally not something my body can comfortably (perhaps even safely) digest. Unexpected, and very disheartening. Perhaps if there are more like me around, we can figure out the cause.

So, if you find Soylent very hard to digest, and find that it causes extreme stomach acid production (even if you don’t have acid reflux issues), please speak up.


Trust me people here speak up all the time here. If anybody has this issue and happen to visit this forum, they definitely will :smile:


I am also experiencing nausea with 1.2 and I am sad to say that I have cancelled my subscription. I’ll try this again when 1.4 is released. I’ve been doing this from the beginning and I wanted to hang in there for the nutrition but the digestive issues (including gas) have finally worn me down.


I tried very hard to make Soylent 1.1 work. The horrible horrible gas finally made me cancel my subscription. I also has some stomach upset and felt the need to poo more often. It was nowhere near as bad as you are describing though.

Remember, there are alternatives available. I was doing my own DIY for 8’ish months before and just went back to it. My stomach feels fine, gas is much less and doesn’t make my family evacuate the house.

If you don’t feel like making your own DIY then you could go to @chris_bair and @axcho. They have been recommended before. Even if you do your own DIY, you should think about buy some per-made so you can tell if you are going to be able to use it. I wish I had found out about this earlier myself. I am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been!


I have experienced very bad heartburn using v1.2. I had replaced 1-2 meals per day for 10 days. I went off soylent for 1 week and all heartburn went away. I tried soylent again replacing one meal per day using 1/4 c single portion size. Very quickly my heartburn has come back. I have my shipment of v1.3. I’m going to give that a try. I really want soylent to work as a food replacement so I hope the heartburn and acid gets resolved in later versions.

What to do with my unopened v1.2 bags???


I have noticed on 1.2 I tend to burp more and more frequently hey are a little bit acidic. I chalked it up to my body adjusting and the fact I was only getting a weeks worth at a time, so my body was never really able to fully adjust.

now with 1.3 and on my third pitcher and it SEEMS to have toned down but heck its just been 4 days since i started back on mostly soylent. It was pretty intense the first two days but not to the level of acid reflux symptoms (which i’ve dealt with in the past)


@Callhome, You could try adding some yogurt to the mix (1.2) and drink it more slowly than you usually did. And keep it one meal a day.