StonersShake - Food for lazy eaters


Hello everybody,

My name is Maurice. Im a big fan of the Soylent concept. The last months if been working of the radar to make a recipe with stoners in mind.
Here in the Netherlands you have many cannabis users who are to lazy to make a healthy meal for them zelf’s.
If been testing it with a couple of friends, and coffeeshops.
It is a Whey and Oat based recipe. With extra Vit B6 and Omega 3 to get a high enhancement.

This stuff really works! If made 250 meals and gave to anyone i thought who could need it.
Got overwhelming feedback, so i made a webshop for it.

In the next month i wil be gathering reviews from my users.

Ill keep you people updated!


Sounds like you can potentially fill a niche market for the Netherlands :stuck_out_tongue:


The United States is becoming a potential (or pot-ential) market as well. I live in Oregon and pot is mostly legal here. I think this is funny and sad at the same time.


I am assuming it tastes like Funyuns or Cheetos? :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks funny. But for some its a serious problem. Smoking cannabis isn’t unhealthy, but the lazy lifestyle is. Stonershake is always healthier then al the pizza, kebab and tacos you ate laste week.
Most of my friends loose track of time. Many of them have a creative lifestyle and are finaly eating at 23:00…


What flavors do you guys think fits best? At this moment i have strawberry, banana and cocos chocolate. Al the fruits are freezdryed. Plus im aiming for a non gmo version. Thats why i dont use maltodextrin and soja. If you want to try. In a couple of days i’ll be making a test package available. Including all our flavours. Im really curious about everyones opinion here on discourse. Have a nice sunday!


I love my Cookies-n-Creme protein powders. I use it in my own DIY, and I add it to Soylent 1.5. Try that flavor out.


Wow yeah that would be a munchie killer. Unfortunately i can’t find natural flavoring for that. I strife for a most natural recipe as possible. So i can’t use unnatural flavor enhancers like these. Maybe use real cookies? :wink: Thanks for the feedback though. Much appreciated!


Not only aiming for the Netherlands. But cannabis users in total. The recipe also contains extra Vitimane B6 (1535%) and Omega 3. it works as a high enhancer. Only problem is that, cannabis users rather eat expensive and unhealthy munch snacks all day. We want to be a alternative. A way that makes you feel king!


Can I ask, does it contain maltodextrin? Also, what are the macronutrients, particularly sugar?

It also looks like one bag one meal, great saves a lot of hassle


Nope, no crapy maltodextrine. We added real freezdried fruits and cane sugar to add a little sweatness. Take a look on our website. you can order a tryout 6 pack with all flavours for €15,00


Flavor? Stroopwafel, of course, it’s a no-brainer. And why not hemp protein? It’s not the best alone, but great mixed with pea and rice protein. It was observed early on in this forum, that Soylent is a great hangover cure, and that’s true of my veggie-based diy as well. Veel geluk!


It’s not easy to find on your web site but you have an interesting list of ingredients. Spinach, kale and beet to name a few. I’ve ordered the sample size to try out.

How much cane sugar is in it? I’m asking because I’m diabetic


Hi david, you can download the backlabel on our website. Theres a link at nutrition information info. We use 35gr cane sugar a day. So that’s 8.7gr cane sugar a meal. Your package is ready for delivery.
Bon apetito!


That’s great, many thanks


Be careful with spinach - it has very high levels of oxalic acid, which can cause kidney stones. (I know from painful experience.) I believe oxalic also binds minerals and makes them less available. Beet greens are similar, but I don’t know about the root.


Thanks for the info LazyVegan! I realized it got very high levels! The recipe only uses 1 gram (per day) of spinach. I use it for vit A, C and K. I use 1gr redbeet root for the Strawberry Dreams flavour. I’ve put your comment in my backlog for V1.1.


If decided to be as transparant as possible. So i decided to make the StonerShake CocoChoco recipe available for everyone. Keep in mind that im always be adjusting the recipe! (for example. 1.o uses another type of cacao. Dutch alkalized red) The public recipe is version 0.8. You can find the latest info on our back label on our website.


Thanks for posting the recipe. I suggest you drop the MSM. You should have plenty of sulfur from the protein.

Sulfur in cysteine and methionine.

Sufficient amounts of complete protein will provide sufficient SAA’s. MSM is not needed.


Notited in my backlog. Thanks for your feedback!