Stop Being Ignorant


I am noticing a recurring theme amongst critics and a few backers and buyers as well. Obviously, at least 25% of the reactions to this company and it’s actions have been anger and impatience.

Now I’m certainly no authority on the subject, and for all we know I’m just a 12 year old with a half-decent manner of articulation, but I think this needs to be said in full.

This company has effectively solved global hunger

Many of the criticisms I read are a reminder of the incredibly painful-to-watch cover story done by NYT. They bring on a handful of people to “taste test” the product.

Folks, this is not a product. It is not for YOU. I don’t know if I’m being clear enough, so let me just try to be blunt. Tens of thousands of children are going to die today. And tomorrow. And the next day. These numbers are dropping ever so slowly, regardless of “breakthroughs” or humanitarian aid. The efforts are far from negligible, but you need to have perspective; specifically the perspective of a parent that has watched their own child convulse for days in what can only be described as ****ing agony and torment.

I know this post is being harsh, and I hope you won’t interpret it in any other way. The reality is harsh. A startup in California has an idea that will change the world unbelievably in the next few decades, so forgive me if I don’t have any sympathy to give about your oh-so terrible X-month wait. Deal with it.

I don’t work for the company (clearly) and I’m probably violating the communities rules of basic decency, but seriously, those of you whining need to wake the **** up. Whether it’s a company or a charity or even a nation-state, this idea is so much more than just a product and a lot of you need to get that through your heads.

I won’t be surprised or offended if this post gets deleted, downvoted or disgrased because I’m sure I’m not presenting my stance very sociably. This is obviously just a rant anyway and I doubt it will lead to anything more constructive than a anti-critic circlejerk. I just wish a lot of you bashing the company could see even a decade into the future. What is happening now is of monumental importance. Maybe Soylent Corp doesn’t have to be THE company to make this happen, but when the majority of the human population has internet access and are well nourished… oh my god. You’ll just have to wait and see.


You very much are.


This product does have the potential to go far beyond to addressing the issues you mentioned, however right now it is for us. Because if it doesn’t work for us, and Rosa Labs doesn’t continue to make a profit, they will not be able to achieve the goal of fighting world hunger. And right now, Soylent is a commercial product, made by a for-profit company, which means it needs to meet consumer needs and standards. If it doesn’t, then Rosa Labs fails and we’ll have to wait on someone else to take up the banner, possibly with less momentum behind them.

Products like this need to pass through the hands and wallets of those who are well off (relative to those who are starving), before it can become affordable and viable for the starving. On top of that, we #SoylentPioneers are also taking part of the research and testing, to a certain extent.

I do agree that it would be beneficial to have a more forward-thinking attitude in regards to Soylent, as I consider it to be the start of a new era (hyperbole). But that does not mean Soylent is not for us.

I highly recommend you try going back through your message and rephrase most of that. I chose to give you direct feedback instead of flagging you, but I expect you will be justifiably flagged for your abrasive tone (metaphor). I would enjoy seeing how a civil discussion on this topic goes.


I usually try to not post or stop posting when I feel myself getting angry about something. Then only post again once I’ve calmed down. Sometimes I succeed sometimes I don’t. Unfortunately @Krakatoa didn’t quite make it. I do agree that people in general should be more patient and less whiny.


Outside of being flagged, I think I could have written something very similar to your own response. I’m not saying I disagree with you, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.

And I appreciate you not flagging me. I’m interested in what a potential discussion will look like on this topic. I’m tempted to make revisions to keep the post from being buried, but not as tempted as I am to see a response to it in it’s original form.


I almost flagged you. But the discussion has a high likelihood of being unproductive if the original post remains unedited. I think its only the potential of this topic that stopped me from flagging it.

I highly recommend you do make some revisions if you actually want this discussion to productive.


I never intended for it to productive. I’ll do another topic for some more productive discussion, I have a few less abrasive things in mind.


Surely there is a more constructive way to discuss this.

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