Stop using fedex


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We really need the ability to pick which shipping company we use. My shipment just showed up today, and fedex decided the best idea was to leave it in the hallway of an apartment building in a college town. By the time I get off work and home it will have sat their for about 4 hours, if it doesn’t get stolen by all the college kids that hang out smoking pot on my floor. Every other delivery service around here knows to leave packages at the front office but fedex does not care about making sure the packages reach their destinations.

tl;dr would be really nice to have other options then fedex even if it means potentially paying more for shipping.

Update: I called my landlady and complained about fedex being idiots and since she really likes me she sent someone up to secure my package for me.


Did you ever think to have packages delivered directly to your work or the front office of your building instead of your apartment?

  1. i didn’t realize they were using fedex 2) my tracking email showed up late last night(the only thing in fedex’s favor is how fast they are), so I didn’t get a chance to tell them to hold it since i didn’t really check it out till this morning at work after it was sent out.

if they make us stick with fedex then yes i know to have all future packages sent else where but I really don’t see why they can’t offer other shipping methods if we are paying the upcharge.


I would also prefer if they could sent it UPS to me. UPS always leaves packages at my door, FedEx always leaves packages for me at my landlord’s front door.

Not I big deal, but it always seems like I get better service from UPS.

Also, for me, it won’t be as big a deal once they start shipping with the new packaging which I hope will be close to 1/4 the size of the current packaging.


Where I live UPS is more suitable because if they get no answer at the door (they won’t, I’m working), they take it to a local UPS Store which is only a few blocks away. I found out that Purolator does something similar (fewer outlets but at least they’re in shopping malls). Fedex worries me because I would have to figure out how to pick up my package given that their depot isn’t even on a transit line. I did do it once, in the winter, in the dark, for blocks of what looked like abandoned country roads. But I prefer not to.

I can get packages delivered to my work address and have the receptionist deal with it. But I’m reluctant in this case because I work in the medical standards field and they can be a bit judgmental.



This varies per location, I found. In some places, UPS is informally known as “United Package Smashers”.

In the last city I lived in, I went well out of my way to avoid UPS and go with FedEx/DHL (this was back when DHL in the states was a thing) for everything. Where I live now, it’s the complete opposite - FedEx being idiots and UPS actually having their collective poop in a group.

Most companies don’t ship with both outfits, though. Both offer exclusivity benefits, and the time and effort required to integrate both companies into an automated shipping process would be massive.


I’ve seen quite a few companies though that offer ups and usps or fedex and usps. Have they said why usps isn’t an option?


Probably something along the lines of being easier to integrate, or having better rates, or having better tracking, or insurance, or…

Picking a logistics partner is not a trivial process.


True, it would just be nice to have options. Or maybe they could give us the option to require a signature, cause fedex has that option.


They’ve said they negotiated a better rate with FedEx by using them for all their orders.


Its such a shame to hear about fedex in this light, because that Tom fellow had such a hard time on that island with Wilson, and now this.

If only he had a few customers orders of soylent wash up on the beach, that would have been handy.


I’d prefer to be able to pick as well. USPS is the only company I can get deliveries to my house 7 days a week, UPS delivers to me Wednesday and Friday and Fedex doesn’t deliver to me. Currently, I’m using someone else’s address to receive my Soylent, to save me having to drive 30 minutes to their office.

I’d gladly pay 20$ in shipping to cover the difference and go with USPS or even UPS. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a good thing to stick on a FAQ page (FedEx choice) @Conor


Have you tried leaving a note or calling fedex?

That might be easier than the Soylent guys doing a shipping reorganization.


I was at home at lunchtime, posting on this board, when my last shipment came. Which I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t finished my posts and idly refreshed my shipment window.

Delivered? But they didn’t bother to ring the doorbell! Luckily my neighbors aren’t Soylent thieves, but FedEx, that is a stupid thing to annoy your customers with.


One of the lovely things about using a Reshipper (which almost compensates for the extra cost) is that when I get a tracking email I can relax. When it arrives I get an email and I can ship it on using my preferred shipping (USPS/Canada Post, second choice UPS). I don’t have to worry about choosing between (a) being home during office hours, or (b) trekking down dark country roads to the depot dodging the semis (I’ve done this when Lands End was still using Fedex).

(edited to add: You know, I can now order bras from this place that refuses to tell me which shipper they use. Coolies!)


the only problem i had was they deliver well after i have left work and i wanted to make sure they delivered the package. they tried to deliver the package after my work closed and ultimately had it shipped to a store to pick it up.


Great movie!

(of course Tom has lots of greats)


Are your Fedex stores accessible in the U.S.? In Canada, UPS has gone to the local store model so missing a delivery is no big deal. But Fedex still uses the model of it being in its warehouse just outside of town (i.e., non transit accessible during the evenings). So missing a Fedex package is a big deal.



FedEx bought Kinkos a few years ago so yeas you can arrange for pick up in the store. My husband gets lots of FedEx and usually calls them when he get a shipping notice to divert it to the local office if he’s not going to be home.