Storage & light sensitivity


New user here, having just starting out with 1.4.
I have been following Soylent for a while, but was turned off by the long wait time between order and receipt. As soon as that time became something that I considered reasonable, I jumped.

My wife and I are both using Soylent, and, so far, we both love it. (She tends to add cocoa powder to hers, I drink mine plain.)

The problem that we’ve discovered is in how we consume throughout the day. Neither of us really has a place to store a pitcher during the day, so we’ve each been taking a bag & scoop to & from work, and mixing our own single servings (or half servings) as needed. However, we’re finding that the bags aren’t very suitable for travelling, as the zipper tends to come open randomly. (Probably due to the bag bending in certain ways during transport.)
So far, we’ve been lucky, and not had any incidents of spillage, but it would be nice to insure against that possibility.

One solution I’ve thought of is to portion the bags into smaller packages, either individual Ziploc bags, or smaller Tupperware-style containers, or something similar.
However, that makes me wonder about possible degradation scenarios, and how realistic they may be.

Is exposure to light (during the course of a day or so) a major concern for nutrient retention, or am I just being overly paranoid?


I find the bag difficult to seal and rather unstable. I think it’s a problem. If I switch to sandwich bags, I think I may place the plastic bag inside of a paper one to make sure it doesn’t get light exposure.


Exposure to light during the course of a day or so is not a major concern. Not even a minor concern.

It becomes a minor concern when you get into weeks. It becomes a greater concern when you get into months.


How about putting powder in a blender bottle? Then add water from a local drinking fountain and shake, when you are ready to consume. The blender bottle + powder could just be stuck in a desk drawer, or on a shelf.


There are stackable containers in three different sizes available for the “blender bottle”. I use them. I like them.


I’ve been mixing mine up, storing the larger amount in the fridge, and filling a quality thermos with my day’s requirement.

you could add some ice cubes to keep it colder longer (make the mixture a bit thicker first). it should be enough to keep it cold for the day.


Thanks for all the replies!

Since the amount we drink during the day varies pretty widely (as does the length of our time at work), taking a pre-made thermos wouldn’t really be optimal.
Knowing that exposure to light during the course of a day isn’t terrible, we ended up deciding to snag a few small plastic containers, and are pre-dividing multiple servings of the powder, to make as needed.

Thanks again!