Storage temperature variations with Drink?

I live in a camper van part time and would like to give liquid Soylent a shot. I’m always moving around for work and the temperature varies quite a bit, from 40 to sometimes 90 degrees. Even day/night can vary 30 to 40 degrees.

How fast does it actually degrade when stored at 80-90 degrees? Will daily fluctuations hurt it or is it fine as long as it stays above freezing and below 70?

I have a fridge but it is only big enough for a couple of days worth.

My temp here in California varies similarly and I haven’t noticed any problem. My air conditioning isn’t functioning.

If you’re going to consume what you purchase within a few weeks I don’t think it would be a problem.

Mine varies even more (full time wilderness backpacker) and I’ve yet to get sick. When I was a full time bicycle tourer my powder bottle was out in the sun all day and I don’t think I died from that either. I’d mix a bottle then drink it quickly then fill with water and sip until next meal time and repeat. Nothing started chilled, unless my water source happened to be a cool mountain stream. And think about how many extra microbes were around.