Storing a mixed solution and maintaining even ingredient distribution


Hey Ya’ll

I’m currently in the preparation planning stage of creating my own version of Soylent. The current issue I am stuck on is how to properly store a pre-mixed solution of powders/seeds. My concern is that when distributing into inidividual or daily portions, you may unknowingly separate ingredients into uneven amounts. For example, if a week’s mix should contain 280g of hemp protein, how do you ensure that you end up with 40 grams per day. With different consistencies in the ingredients, even shaking the mixture before separation could still result in an uneven distribution of ingredients.

How do suppliers like Vega (known for powdered mixes with many different ingredients that make up a near complete nutrition profile) ensure that every scoop will contain what the serving size says it will contain?


That’s a good question. Honestly, I’m not sure you can, especially with the smaller quantities. Obviously for a single day’s serving, it’s not as important, as it all averages out anyway, but over a week you’d want to be pretty sure. The obvious solution (and best from a precision standpoint) would be to mix each day’s serving separately into their own containers/bags/whatever, which while a bit more time consuming, would definitely ensure you have the right quantities.

I don’t think it would take too much longer either, since you’d already have all the ingredients out. So for example, you’d have 7 containers out, measure 40g of hemp protein into each, then repeat for the remaining ingredients.


Yup, that seems like it will be the only viable solution, unfortunately. I already have some crazy automatic dispensing mechanisms running through my head that involve a raspberryPi, but I should probably start by making the damn stuff first. :smile:


The only solution I’ve been able to come up with is to create a day’s worth of mix at a time. Any variability within the mix will approximate the variation we see in regular food, which is desirable. I have no source for that yet, except some discussions and blog comments, but it fits logically. I’ll have to research it and find some solid science at some point.

As to how other suppliers do it, it’s similar to multivitamins. You take 20 or so sets of 5 pills randomly from a larger grouping, and they will average out to be the listed nutritional values.