Strange abdominal pains


Both my partner and I have both noted strange abdominal pains when eating soylent. The pains are never severe or long lived but we have both experienced the same sort of small, internal pains all over our torsos. It does not feel like a muscle or skeletal issue- it feels internal, like my organs are straining. The pains went away over thanksgiving when we ate “real” food and then returned when we finished all the leftovers.

I suspect it’s related to the gas, which is still an issue but I’m not sure. Between the farts and these phantom pains, I’m starting to grow less confident in Soylent. Has anybody else experienced this?


Eek… haven’t heard of anything like that. You mentioned that the pains returned when you finished off the thanksgiving leftovers? That already makes me think it may not be Soylent to blame. Has anything helped like the typical suspects of antacids, pepto, beano, having a good bowel movement, etc.? Maybe someone else has some specific suggestions beyond this.


I actually kind of know what you’re talking about, I think. Kind of like the gas/indigestion is causing mild distension and just a general discomfort? When I’ve experienced it, my thought is that it’s nothing serious but that it’s uncomfortable and on par with eating a huge portion of some seriously bad fast food, except that Soylent causes with minimal caloric intake.

My experience is that I feel fine, really good, like I’m getting all of my nutrition, but the whole thing is undercut by the gastrointestinal discomfort. I have more energy to go to the gym than I did before, but I end up skipping it more often because my stomach is less likely to be up for the task. I’m sticking with it because of the extreme convenience and the hope that the next version resolves these issues but if my supply runs out before then I’ll be trying a DIY alternative (and then, I don’t know, returning to the grocery store and shelling out for a subscription to Blue Apron or something)


the pains returned after finishing the leftovers, when we started eating Soylent again.