Strange first experience with Soylent 2.0

Well, let’s get right to it. Firstly, the taste. It pretty much felt completely neutral to me, as promised. However it felt there were these weird sand particles in the drink, not sure how else to describe it, that disrupted the nice flow of the drink. But that’s a very minor thing, so no big deal. Overall, no complaints here.

So after I drank it, I felt completely full which is good. However, after 2ish hours, it seemed to me that my mouth was starting to get hungry for more food, but my stomach was still full. It wasn’t a big deal though, so I just dealt with it for another 2 hours after that, but eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore and ate part of a burger (I ate the other part earlier today, a few hours before drinking the soylent), and some popcorn – even though my stomach felt full. And what’s bizarre to me is that despite my stomach being full before eating all that food, it didn’t feel at all overwhelmed after eating it – in fact, my stomach felt exactly the same. I didn’t feel like throwing up, which surely I should have? The only thing that changed was that my mouth no longer craved for more food to taste, which is good.

So yeah. Overall I think I liked it, but I’m just left rather confused. Has anyone else had at all a similar experience? Opinions, advice?

Gum can help. Chewing has been involved in you eating since you where weaned off brest milk and/or baby soylent. It can take a bit to wean yourself off of it.

And yes, it’s semi-common.

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You may have experienced the difference between need and want. You wanted food because it’s an incredible experience to eat food, even as you noticed that you weren’t feeling hunger.


I know this can defeat the purpose of pre-mixed 2.0 but, try drinking it over crushed ice and chewing/eating the ice along with the Soylent.

I know not everyone can do that, teeth sensitivity and what not, but it works well for me.

I am slightly confused by the phrase

I assume you mean you had a craving to chew something.

Yeah, I know that’s a bad way to describe it. Not really chew though, I just wanted something to taste.

yes, this happens to me too.
about an hour after a bottle of 2.0,
I feel “hungry”, but it goes away in a half hour or so.

The most likely craving a first time user would have is salt. All Soylent has the recommended amount of salt which is extremely low compared to what the average person gets in there diet. Going from a lot of salt intake to the minimum levels cold turkey is not very good on the body either.

When I started Soylent I had to add a good size pinch salt to each bottle/glass for the first week. Then the next week I cut it back to just a pinch every other bottle/glass. Now I only add it to the First bottle/glass of soylent each day if I will not be eating real food that day to make up for it.

Maybe I’ll try it that, though it seems to be getting better, so it may not be necessary.

my salt requirements are even higher than average. I eat kimchi for salt/crunch/bacteria and also add salt to my water. it has no effect on the weird “hungry” feeling after soylent.