Strange property of Soylent baked goods


I can’t explain this but maybe some of you have ideas.

I’ve been experimenting for months now with Soylent brownies, and have made at least a dozen batches. A few of them have been moist & delicious out of the gate, and some less so. But one thing I’ve noticed without fail, is that they always get better with age.

Take one of my most recent experiments - carmel brownies. I added little carmel bits to the batter and baked them in. Unfortunately I didn’t consider how much added sweetness the carmel itself would give the brownies (and therefore cut back on sugar) and also I added more than I probably should have, and ended up with hard carmel lumps at the bottom of the whole batch.

The first one I tried just about melted my teeth it was so sweet. I ate one very small piece over a span of an hour or more. Then I couldn’t bring myself to have another for a few days. When I did… it wasn’t as bad as I remembered but still was way too intense. I had resigned myself to staring at this big plate of inedible brownies until finally throwing them away.

Well after sitting covered with saran wrap for a good 7 to 10 days, I tried one again. They’re delicious! The carmel flavor is quite mild, almost unidentifiable, the brownies are soft and chewy, and the whole thing is a very pleasant - albeit decadent - treat. I’ve had several of them now and I swear each one is better than the last.

I recently had another batch that I made with way too much cocoa powder… it was actually somewhat bitter and not very good. But several days later… they were pretty good, and they got better every day and I polished them off faster and faster.

What gives here? I know that liquid Soylent gets better with sitting at least a day, and that makes some sense to me… but obviously beyond about 3 days or so it starts to go bad quickly. But Soylent baked goods just get better and better!

Seems very strange to me but I’d love to hear anyone’s ideas on why this might be.


I can’t speak much to baking brownies, but it’s a well known phenomenon in home brewing beer. There are chemical reactions going on that take awhile to happen. The flavors eventually meld and soften. A crappy beer on day 1 can be pretty good on day 30.

Depending on storage conditions it’s possible harmless bacteria are munching on the brownies affecting their taste.


Yeah that’s kinda what I assumed must be the case, it just surprised me. Normally I would expect baked goods to start to dry out, get stale, etc. even if covered or stored “properly”. But Soylent based stuff is just getting better and better with each passing day.

Interestingly, this does NOT hold true with liquid-based Soylent items, such as making peanut butter by reconstituting PB2 with Soylent. I find that more than about 3 days stored in the fridge, and it starts to get a bit funky both in smell and taste.


Interesting indeed. 10char


I think this may only be true when you have a little too much of one flavor or the other. I recently made a batch of brownies with half the cocoa powder and at first they tasted just chocolatey enough but as time went by they lost their flavor and are now rather bland and unexciting.


Interesting. I’ve taken to adding only 2 Tbls of cocoa powder per batch and I still notice they taste much better over time. Go figure…