Strange smell and taste from v1.5 lot 5246


Does anyone have some v1.5 from the lot 5246? I’ve had Soylent since August and I can tell just from the smell and taste that something is different from this lot. And it’s not a very pleasant taste or smell. I can’t really pinpoint what it smells or taste like however, but it doesn’t seem very natural.

Now, evidently, this makes me extremely worried that either the concentrations aren’t the proper ones, or that some form of contaminants has entered in the bag. I’ve looked around the powder for mold, but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary on that front.

We pay premium for it to be pre-mixed, and thus I don’t think it is acceptable to have such variations from lot to lot, when we could do it ourselves and have this peace of mind about it. I also remember my previous lot being blander than the first, but this was a “problem” I obviously didn’t mind as much as this one, which here makes the Soylent barely edible and has me worried beyond taste issues.


I have the exact same problem with the same lot number. I can’t quite pin down the taste either, other than unpleasant. I’ve emailed, so we’ll see what they say.

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Please keep us updated with what they reply.

It’s doubtful that Rosa Labs’ copacker has optimized the mixing regime by using a sample thief and minimizing the standard deviation of the mix. At “best”, they probably dump all of the ingredients at once into a v-shell mixer and run it for 20 minutes. That would account for the nonrandom mix. Perhaps @conor would investigate this for you.

Could you shoot me a PM with all your order details?

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Well, I’ve heard exactly nothing in response to my email so far. What are response times usually like?

There should be a 48 hour turn around. But you are welcome to PM me with the email you used to contact us. That way I can quickly find the ticket and see what went wrong.

I did that on Monday when you requested it :slight_smile: .

Apologies Neh, I found you, we will be reaching out to solve the problem shortly.

I have the exact same problem. Have almost 60 bags with this smell/taste. Its really nasty.

I don’t have them anymore but one box I had of 1.5 had a weird almost Stale Blueberry Pop-Tart scent and bit of flavor to it. I kinda liked it and had no problems with consuming it…so far.

They told me that the problem comes from natural variation in the ingredients from their suppliers, but couldn’t tell me what was the specific issue, as they had to research it. Do contact customer service if you have been unlucky enough to be shipped this lot.

Are they replacing them? I have 56bags of this batch and I really don’t like the taste. That’s $600 canadian I am out at the moment. I have emailed them but still have not heard anything, hopefully I will hear something by monday. I am using my soylent 2.0 until then although I greatly prefer 1.5 myself. I am tempted to send a bag to CFIA as this really worries me that they may have screwed up and need to recall the batch. I expect the taste and nutrition to remain more consistent than this for a product sold on a monthly subscription with the intent of replacing large portions of people’s diets.

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Yes they offered a replacement or complete refund for me. I chose the replacement. I hope they will ship next week.

That is good to hear and has me a bit less stressed. Knowing I have two months of food in my fridge that I can’t eat and that has cost me $600 has really been freaking me out.

I advise anyone not to choose the replacement order. They’ve just sent me the exact same lot number with the same weird smell and taste, even if I specifically told them the lot number. They seem completely uninterested in investigating the issue or at least stop shipping this lot.

From the reply I got, the problem seems to be constrained to Canada, so anyone from there should be particularly wary of ordering v1.5 for at least some time.

I received my replacement yesterday, and tried it this morning. Same problem. I didn’t get the same lot; I received lot 5247 this time. This is a really disappointing ‘variation’ from a company that expects people to rely on their products day in and day out.

Haven’t heard anything from support about the replacement also tasting bad yet. I now have two months worth sitting at home (the original shipment and the replacement). This has all taken so long that my next subscription shipment is on the way. Any bets on whether it tastes any better? All I really want at this point is communication and information. Tell me if this is a mistake. Tell me if this is the new flavour of soylent and I just need to deal with it. Tell me if this stuff is even safe to consume (I could flavour it, but I wouldn’t be super happy that I have to). Anybody else have any better information yet? @Conor?

I tried flavoring it with PB2 but the bad taste still remains. That stuff is also quite expensive.

I’ve heard from Reddit ( that the smell and taste might come from fermentation of the mixture. If they don’t want to tell us anything, we might as well speculate.

I would pause your subscription if I were you. There are no harmful effects in doing so.

Just got my replacement batch and they sent me lot 5246 again and it still smells and taste like sawdust (Canada here too). This is not the way to keep customers.