Strange smell and taste from v1.5 lot 5246

I’m on the case and looking into the matter :smile:


@Conor “In this release, safflower and flaxseed oil powders were removed and replaced with canola oil powder. This new fatty acid source is supplemented with the existing high oleic sunflower oil and algal oil.”

My best guess its the canola oil powder, from my experience cooking with canola oil is that the canola oil eventually will give off a rancid fishy or rancid sour “ocean” smell maybe the canola oil being in a powder from increases the rate that the canola oil starts to smell nasty. I have had canola oil of poor quality go bad in the container before after using it once and exposing it to air, that was one of my worst cooking experiences.

I Just subscribed for 1.5 today, and what I have experienced thus far was a friend of mines and that tasted fine, smelt normal, tasted alright. I look forward to getting my shipment, and hope it doesn’t smell bad or anything. I plan on doing a un-boxing and first experience of my first shipment If I have a not so good experience I will update this.

That quote is from the changes from 1.4 to 1.5. 1.5 has contained canola oil powder since day one:

Soylent 1.5 Has Arrived
In this release, safflower and flaxseed oil powders were removed and replaced with canola oil powder. This new fatty acid source is supplemented with the existing high oleic sunflower oil and algal oil.

I did manage to ship them a bunch of my stuff that tasted funny, but have not heard anything yet. What is interesting is now soylent 2.0 has a bit of the same sawdust taste and other people are starting to notice. Which is bad, but also means that they will likely track down the issue and fix it sooner. The sooner the better, I miss my soylent 1.5 :frowning:

I still have not heard anything from soylent. So it appears they are just brushing this under the carpet and ignoring the fact the taste changed so drastically. I have still been using soylent 2.0 and I did notice the bad taste is gone from my newest batch. Has anyone tried 1.5 recently? have they fixed it there as well?

The November 2.0 taste vs. August 2.0 taste was answered in a different thread. Inconsistent taste/texture from different lots of 2.0


Hmm that does not explain the 1.5 issues though. Unless they reduced the same things there.

Are Soylent still replacing these lots? I have a box of Lot 5246 that I tried a few weeks ago and though it was the most disgusting thing ever. I couldn’t figure out how people ate this stuff but now it makes sense.

I cancelled my 1.5 subscription and got refunds for eight weeks worth of bad tasting product (lots 5246, 5247, and 5300) last year, and there was never any acknowledgement of a possible problem, attempt to remedy things, or even any apparent concern over my cancellation. It was a disappointing response, to say the least.

Presumably, the refund itself was an acknowledgement of a problem and an attempt to remedy things with you. I assume there is always a concern (for any company) over cancellations, but I am sorry that you were disappointed that they did not express them to you, personally.

Shoot me a PM with the email you sent to customer service. Definitely not brushing anything under the rug, the thread is still live after all :slightly_smiling: Let me see about resolving this today.


When I say I have not heard anything. I mean I have not heard anything since I shipped a package of soylent 1.5 to you guys for testing. I asked Jean to let me know when it got there and if they found anything / let me know when the issue was fixed so I could go back to 1.5. I never heard back. I have opened a new support ticket as of yesterday and I am hoping Jean will see it. Really I just want to know if I can order soylent 1.5 without fear again.

I’ll reach out to Jean and ask her.

Sure, and I’m not trying to be all precious about it, I was just surprised there was never any statement beyond a generic “sorry you didn’t like it”. I’d been consuming soylent nearly full time for months at that point, so it’s not as if I didn’t know what it should taste like.

So I gave up on 1.5 many months ago and switched to 2.0. Now with my recent order of 2.0 that damn taste is back. Really getting annoying that they can not seem to get the taste more consistent and they just pretend like they do not notice the difference. They told me the stuff I shipped back to them tasted normal which was complete BS. So far only one drink into the new 2.0 I am able to stomach the new flavour but I think I will try and order of the new 1.6

If anyone at soylent reads this, get your shit together. Taste consistency is very important for those of us that consume soylent as 95% of our diet.

It is possible that they don’t notice the difference.


Ya it is possible if they are only drinking a bit of their product and not on a regular basis. It is a pretty significant taste difference that I would suspect anyone that drinks soylent for the majority of their intake would pick up on immediately. Of course not everyone would dislike the change I am sure, that’s personal preference. The change in soylent 2.0 is not as significant and I think i will get used to it pretty soon. Just has a slight woodier taste. It just stresses me out that each month’s shipment can vary so much, when the 1.5 taste changed so much i could not stomach it, it really messed with my diet as I tried to find an equilibrium with soylent 2.0. For people that just have soylent occasionally or one or two meals a day it may be far less of an issue.

Could be, although I think different people also have different sensitivity to taste. A pretty significant taste difference to you might be unnoticeable to a few, or a lot, of other people.

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Yep. I was one of the people who received a bag from a “bad” batch of 1.4 from @ravenvii, and I noticed more of a difference in the packaging than in the Soylent’s taste. The Soylent had a few notable visual differences but tasted normal.

I never experienced any different-tasting batches of 1.0-1.5, but I did switch entirely to 2.0 after it was released (for taste/texture reasons). I have tasted differences there, but it hasn’t been a big deal to me (so far). I’ve got a box of 1.6 on the way, and I hope to switch back to the powder if it’s closer to 2.0.

If you still eat normal food, drink other beverages, or even chew gum, keep in mind that all of those things will affect your tastebuds (at least for a while after eating/drinking/chewing). I tried drinking a glass of Soylent (1.3-.1.5?) after drinking spearmint tea once and it was nasty even though the beginning and end of the pitcher tasted normal. I don’t smoke but I imagine that would affect your tastebuds as well.

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The difference was significant to me, far more then a different food changing the taste a bit. Soylent is easily 95% of my food intake, I eat one normal meal a week after hiking on sundays and sometimes lunch with a buddy tuesdays, no snacks of any type. So changes in taste stands out like a sore thumb to me.

I am also hoping to switch back to powder with 1.6. 1.5 gave me a bit of gas, honestly didn’t think it was all that bad until i switched to 2.0 and it went away completely. Also the weight and waste of 2.0 is more of a pain then the powdered version.