Strawberry 4-Packs!


As a Strawberry lover, I think this email is genius marketing!





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Hmm. I’m seeing the embed of my Twitter shared post. Are you not? I didn’t get a warning about post length.

I can repost the Twitter link, but I don’t want to be repetitive: “Pete and Repeat sat on a fence. Pete fell off and who was left?” …


Where do you purchase a Strawberry 4-pack???


Apparently not from the website


Ah! It looks like it’s a one-time use coupon thing.

It was emailed to me.

Here’s the Soylent page it takes you to for ordering.


If somebody wants to use my Strawberry 4-pack link, and I’m allowed to share it, DM me, or find me, or whatever, and I’ll give it over.

Not sure why I was targeted for the coupon. I’m a monthly subscriber ordering lots of Strawberry, and I previously ordered four cases the moment they were available direct from Soylent – so I don’t need a Strawberry taste test! SMILE!


Yep, I got the email too, and quickly ordered!


Here is the direct link:

I think that individuals who have already purchased strawberry did not receive the email. You should still be able to access the deal on the website. Hopefully, sharing this link here is not considered cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone want to part with a couple of bottles of strawberry?

Yeah makes sense, when Strawberry was released I got a targeted email with a 50% discount on a full box, which I took advantage of.

I was originally asking for those on the forum who have been asking about buying 1 bottle of Strawberry from other customers and the information in the OP was limited.

That direct link works. I tested out ordering a 4-pack with my Soylent account email and it would not accept it. The gmail period trick worked though (add a random period to your gmail address since gmail does not recognize periods in gmail addresses, but most outside parties – in this case, Soylent – will assume it is a different gmail address).


Um, where the heck was my 50% discount on a full box offer? @Conor?

[EDIT: according to Reddit, the coupon was sent to those who had a subscription for Nectar.]


Has anyone who ordered the Strawberry 4-packs had their order shipped yet?



Also my mom actually got one of the targeted emails for a 4-pack and had to use a different email to purchase one…


No shipment to me yet. I ordered a full shipment of Cacao right after the Strawberry 4-Pack; the Cacao shipped and delivered first.


Just got my shipping notification today!


I followed up with Soylent customer service on Friday. They sent me this response today, FWIW:

"Dess (Soylent)

Jul 24, 11:24 PDT

Hello ,

Hope this message finds you well. I apologize for any confusion regarding your most recent shipment.

At this time, Strawberry 4-Pack is available for pre-order and we will start shipping all orders altogether by the next few business days.

Thank you for your patience. We are doing everything we can to get your order out as quick as possible. If there’s anything else we can do in the meantime please let us know.


Soylent Customer Care"


Follow up: I only just received the shipping notification and tracking number today (Tues 7/31).


Today is Tues 7/31 :smiley:

Also, I got mine finally yesterday, the 30th. EDIT: Errr, that was for a different order. I have yet to receive a shipping notification for my 4-pack (I ordered on 7/18)… What I did get was the coupon code for the $10 off a new subscription on the 25th, a week after I ordered it.


I received mine today. I must say I appreciate the very efficient packaging.