Strawberry "sour" taste and thick consistency


My first box was like that and I assumed it was because the package was left outside too long in the heat.
However, the next box I got was also like this. The inconsistency made me question if I didn’t like the taste or if they were actually spoiled somehow. I just had one yesterday that seemed pleasant, but the one today is legitimately undrinkable. It just taste like what I assume is the flavour agent, but much too much of it.


So weird, I just got one of these bottles that y’all are describing. It came from a 4-Pack box. It’s pretty gross because I know what it is supposed to taste and feel like. My first strange Soylent experience.

^^ Yes, this exactly. This bottle feels like it has cement in it compared to the others.

It’s bizarre but this is the consistency I wish it was! Or close to it. My only [minor] issue with Strawberry is it seems sooo thin/watery.


I had this exact experience in my 1st bottle from an order of the recent special 4-pack. I did drink it warm, though. I wondered if heat was part of the problem so I put the other 3 in the fridge. My 2nd bottle tasted a little like this. My 3rd and 4th tasted great. So now I don’t know if it was (a) heat (b) a bad 1-2 bottles, or © I just needed to get familiar with the taste.


FWIW, I received a new shipment including a box of Strawberry yesterday, and they’re all the “correct” weight, consistency, and taste.

Could @soylent_team shed some light on what may have happened here? Maybe a certain manufacturing lot of Strawberry bottles are affected in this way – is there a way to identify them?

Can these bottles be safely consumed? I have 12 of them that I’m concerned about. If they’re of suspect quality/safety, could they be replaced?


Thank you for the information. We have been tracking the reports coming in. If you could send the lot code (photos if you have them) to, they will add them to the database. They will also replace all product that is unsatisfactory. We are working through the data to isolate the issue and determine what action needs to be taken.

Thanks and please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience!
– John


I just experienced this as well, tasted sour and almost slightly metallic. I discarded it, I’ll submit the lot code when I get home tonight.


@soylent_team Thank you! Where can I find the lot code?


The code is printed on the bottle underneath the wrapping. If you peel off the wrap, you’ll find it.
– John


I’m confused. Or are you talking about two separate boxes?


I think the bottles can be safely consumed, but I also think that if you contact Customer Service about your concerns, they will replace them.


We had a very similar experience with the four-pack sampler of strawberry. I had the first three and they were great. Then, based on my rave reviews, my wife tried the fourth one and said it was terrible and I could have it. So I tried it, and she was right, it was terrible. “Sour and thick” describes it pretty well. (When I poured it out I remember being really surprised by how thick it was.)

It was in the same pack with the other three, and handled the same way. So I doubt it’s related to shipping, storage, or temperature. (The fourth bottle was in the fridge the longest.) Nor does it seem likely to be a lot-wide problem. (Although it’s certainly possible for a lot to be 25% affected.)

Unfortunately I don’t have any of the packaging anymore. So I don’t have any lot codes or anything.

I liked the other three quite a lot, but now I’m afraid to order more of it, lest I get more of those nasty ones. At $3+ a bottle, it does kind of hurt to have to throw one out.


Oh my bad, didn’t realize you were the OP.


Soylent shipped a replacement 12-pack after I sent some photos with the lot numbers, which was great.

Today I tried one of the bottles from a recent shipment of 2 12-packs and have discovered 6 of them so far with this problem. It’s going to be kind of a pain to strip and photograph every problematic bottle, since I suspect most/all bottles in each pack are from the same lot.

After being a long-time happy Soylent customer, this is really disappointing… it seems like a serious lapse in quality control. Does @soylent_team have insight yet into how many lots are affected? Can they be identified and pulled from “the shelves?” These 2 12-packs were shipped earlier this week; I’m surprised that these bottles are still being sent to customers.


The 24 bottles of Strawberry I got about three weeks ago didn’t have this problem.


I will give it to Soylent, their customer service is top notch, I would like to believe they will give us more information once they figure out the problem.


I created a forum account just to find if this was an issue specific to me or if it was an actual manufacturing error. I also have been plagued by this issue, I originally assumed it had to do with being left outside in the heat until I could bring the box inside, but this does not seem to be the case as only between 1/3rd and 1/2 bottles have this issue. The previous boxes of strawberry did not have this issue at all, I only noticed this with my most recent boxes (August 8th). I doubt it’s unsafe to drink, as I have not gotten sick from any of the untainted bottles, in my opinion they are likely just given too much flavoring.


I’ve also been having this issue. First two boxes were perfectly fine. Then got a new shipment a couple weeks ago and more than half the bottles have had this tangy/sour taste and super thick consistency. I can’t finish the bottle most of the time.

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I have also had this problem with 2 strawberry 12 packs now, one before the went out of stock on and then one I just received from Amazon. Super thick consistency and sour taste is exactly how I would describe it


I haven’t experienced this issue after 2 boxes of Strawberry, but I’m both concerned and intrigued. It seems like a pretty widespread thing, that is still occurring with some frequency. Furthermore it seems like an “all or nothing” thing. It’s either fine, or sour and cement-like, with no in-between.

The fact that it only affects Strawberry would seem to indicate there is something specifically about the Strawberry flavor that causes it. Is the process used to make the Strawberry flavor especially delicate or prone to going awry? Is it a biological process?


After many months of including Soylent Strawberry in my rotation, I just encountered my first “sour” bottle. It’s definitely as others had described it – a distinctly sour taste and a thick consistency. Did we ever gain any insight into what causes this? Also, can anyone comment on whether these sour bottles are considered safe to drink or whether anyone has suffered adverse effects from consuming them?

ETA: I should note that I’m working my way through a Soylent backlog. I’m not sure when I ordered the particular box this bottle came from but my best guess is this was from a November '18 Amazon order. (The oldest possible origin would be an August '18 order and the newest would be a January '19 amazon order). I don’t see other complaints about sour Strawberry, either here or on Reddit, newer than 5 months old or so, which hopefully means this issue has been resolved since I received this box.