Strawberry "sour" taste and thick consistency


After many months of including Soylent Strawberry in my rotation, I just encountered my first “sour” bottle. It’s definitely as others had described it – a distinctly sour taste and a thick consistency. Did we ever gain any insight into what causes this? Also, can anyone comment on whether these sour bottles are considered safe to drink or whether anyone has suffered adverse effects from consuming them?

ETA: I should note that I’m working my way through a Soylent backlog. I’m not sure when I ordered the particular box this bottle came from but my best guess is this was from a November '18 Amazon order. (The oldest possible origin would be an August '18 order and the newest would be a January '19 amazon order). I don’t see other complaints about sour Strawberry, either here or on Reddit, newer than 5 months old or so, which hopefully means this issue has been resolved since I received this box.