Strawberry Soylent is coming

Super excited for strawberry soylent. Who else has heard the news?? :slight_smile::slight_smile:


gotta say I am a little disappointed it isn’t coming in powder form as well

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We powder fans seem to be in the minority.

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Wait for it…  

Sorry to say Im not a huge fan of the powder. I prefer the bottled version. So much more convenient.

The new chocolate version is much easier to make than the old versions. I find it very convenient, heavenly tasting when mixed with an immersion blender, and cheaper. Original 2.0 is not very interesting, and the other liquids have upsetting quantities of caffeine. So I am still looking forward to new powdered, non-caffeine flavors.


Why do you think it’s not?

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On the contrary, powder has a lot more coming that liquid won’t get.


Interesting, I’ll be looking forward to it then. :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard anything on so the only info I had to go on was from

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We don’t really announce products if they are not ready. We have no images, marketing material etc, so show. We would prefer to launch in a professional manner than just making a vague blog post with mocked up images.

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I understand that the source for this wasn’t soylent, it’s reddit but it is on the internet so it must be true

The source was our CEO posting on reddit.

Now for a complete contrast in corporate styles, compare that to JimmyJoy’s pre-announcing a total reformulation of their whole line, in a casual reddit thread.

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The issue with that, is if you hope to generate press buzz, the best method is to offer an exclusive to a handful of outlets. If you pre announce you basically cut out higher tier press outlets that would only publish if given the exclusive.


I love the powder opposed to the bottled kind. The powder makes it easier to control the consistency and calorie amount of the meals. For some reason I don’t find the bottles very filling either… I almost always feel hungry right after having one and want another.