Stray cats and Soylent


I was outside having my morning Soylent watching the neighborhood cats eat and they showed much interest in what I was drinking so I poured a bit in their bowl and boy did they clean it! I don’t plan on doing this regularly but I think it’s interesting how fast they drank it up. I have heard of people putting their cats on vegetarian diets and making the cats sick. I wonder if it was the fish oil they enjoyed or the protein. Two of them are kittens and one adult cat. I wonder if the kittens were reminded of milk.

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people who put their cats on vegetarian diets are stupid… if they were to do that… the cat would need supplements in order to not suffer from deficiencies. :slight_smile: Much like humans. I do recall a cat dieing from it in the news a little while ago… my girlfriend said that nothing is wrong with vegetarian diet for cats as long as they take it to the vet very 3 months for blood tests and shots of vitamins/minerals. But why would anyone do that to a cat… it doesn’t care about someones ideology, cats are meat eaters even though plenty of them love chewing on grass and eating some vegetables :3


I agree! Cats are meant to eat meat. Main reason I’m not going to keep giving them Soylent.


Is this confirmation that soylent IS people? Cats like meat, cats like soylent…soylent is meat!


Now you’re going to have a bunch of cats whining at your door, “When’s my Soylent coming?! It’s been a month and we’re a reorder!”


Cats are obligate carnivores because they require very high levels of the amino-acid taurine for proper biological function, and they can not synthesize it themselves so must obtain it in their diet. Indeed, without a taurine-rich diet a cat will go blind as their retina irreversibly degenerates.


Some other users have posted about their cats liking Soylent as well.


I once had a cat that would jump all over me to get at any ice cream I was eating. She was fast, she was skillful and she clearly enjoyed it. But she was severely lactose intolerant and that was for me to clean up. For years, I couldn’t eat ice cream at home.



I wonder if it’s possible to design a soylent recipe that matches ALL cat needs? Coylent? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway It’s quite hard to ensure health of cats when they can’t tell us what’s going on.

#10 @rob is already busy on it :wink:


Meowlent FTW!!!


I’ve mentioned before that The Honest Kitchen makes a powdered raw-foods cat food you reconstitute with water, which is pretty soylentish. But it’s a little low in protein for cats (as are most commercial cat foods frankly); their powdered dog food (which is part of my dog’s diet actually) is I think better.

So there you go.


Give your cats raw meat. Being obligate carnivores, that is about the same as cat Soylent.

I do wonder how Soylent tastes to a cat, since they are unable to taste anything sweet. They simply lack the taste receptors since they have no need for them.

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Note: not everything in that article is true (e.g. Newton inventing the cat door and other non-science info) but most of it is.


The thing is that cats in the wild eat the entire animal (and hork up the absolutely indigestible bits). They get nutrients from the prey’s stomach and other innards. This is simply not available by feeding them a diet of raw meat which most people misguidedly choose as muscle meat from large animals.

When I lived in a rural area, I was friends with a couple of wild cats (not feral they were several generations away from domestic). There was a substantial population of mice feeding on the grain in silos. One cat I knew for a year (and several batches of kittens) used to catch and eat five or six mice in an hour. She’d catch them and eat them with me like she was showing me how to do it. :slight_smile:

Anyone wanting to criticize me for casually watching the batches of kittens can save it. This was in the late 60s. The attitudes to vet care and spay and neuter in rural districts was massively different than it is now. And I was less interested in the kittens than in my friendship with the mom.



Our housecat enjoys licking a bit of Soylent from my fingertip. Cats like weird things, sometimes. We used to have a cat that liked lettuce.



My cat (who regularly knocks over glasses of water) came up and knocked a full glass of Soylent off my bedside table a couple weeks ago. It landed on my carpet which was a huge fucking pain in the ass, but I did find that every animal in my house came running and desperately wanted to lick it off the carpet. Three cats and a dog. All acting like it was raw meat they wanted to tear apart.


Soylent would be murder on little kitty teeth. Cats can’t brush.


Our cats LOVE the smell, I’m fairly sure it’s the oils. We’ve not let them have any, but that doesn’t stop them from asking.


But you can brush your cat’s teeth.